Tips for employers

Diversify candidate pool

These are best practices that may apply to people with diverse backgrounds.

Communicating with students

Be welcoming to the cultural differences that may exist in communication style among students. A handshake upon greeting or eye contact while speaking may not be culturally appropriate for all students. Follow the communication cues of the students by offering a smile and friendly greeting. For some students, describing their accomplishments can be perceived as boastful or negative. You may need to spend a bit more time in conversation with these students to understand their potential value to your organization.

Consider the whole package

Keep in mind that the best candidates will bring a diversity of perspectives, experiences and skills, not just grades or a high GPA. Consider being flexible or eliminating a minimum GPA requirement in order to attract a broad range of strong candidates.

Job descriptions

Want to attract more diverse candidates for opportunities with your organization? Include language in your job descriptions which states, “Applicants from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.”

Professional development

Remember to mention any financial and professional development perks your organization offers to employees and interns in your job descriptions. These types of benefits support financial access to education and support academic performance.

Diversify Your position offerings

More and more students need to work while attending college. By offering part-time, flexible, professional opportunities, employers are able to engage with students earlier on in the hiring process while supporting the educational growth of students.


Make your jobs accessible to all qualified applicants! Handshake allows employers to recruit and inform students and alumni across the U of M system about their opportunities and organizations.

National Association of Colleges and Employers principles

Create internships

A great resource to help you develop your internship program created by the National Society for Experiential Education is Starting and Maintaining a Quality Internship Program [PDF]. This document can answer many questions you have about developing an internship program.

Internship Programs under the Fair labor Act Standards [PDF]


Career fairs

The University of MN offers are several campus and state-wide opportunities for employers to recruit CEHD candidates. Below you will find links to upcoming fairs that CEHD participates in. For more details, please contact our Employer Relations Coordinator. 

Employer presentations

Organizations can host employer presentations, often called information sessions, at the College of Education at Human Development. We recommend that you consult with the CEHD Employer Relations Coordinator to determine the appropriate date, time, and location.  There is no cost to you.

Here’s how to set one up:

  • Contact the CEHD Employer Relations Coordinator and schedule your visit.  We will work with you to publicize the event across the campus.
  • The CEHD Employer Relations Coordinator will arrange the space, handle the logistics, and advise you on tips to increase student traffic.
  • We will also send you maps, directions and parking information.

Employer recruitment events

CEHD seeks employers to participate in small recruitment fairs that are tailored to specific colleges. If you would like to learn more about scheduled fairs and how your organization may fit, please consult with the CEHD Employer Relations Coordinator for details.

On-Campus Interviews

We invite you to recruit on campus at your convenience during the academic year. There is no cost associated with on-campus interviews. We will work with you to publicize your openings. To request on-campus interviews, contact the CEHD Employer Relations Coordinator to discuss your needs.

Information Tables

Information tables give you an opportunity to informally present information about your organization to students. The CEHD Employer Relations Coordinator can recommend high traffic areas and times to maximize your visibility. There is no cost for one of these tables.


Connecting with students through informal and formal networking can be a great way for employers to establish relationships and build a presence on-campus.

  • Sign up for the Maroon and Gold Network, a free service to connect with U of M students, alumni, and community members.
  • Participate in classroom presentations and career panels.
  • Volunteer for your time for informational interviews.
  • Connect with student organizations.