Teaching out of state

As you explore teaching opportunities out of state, here are some tips to ease the transition.

Teacher job search tips

  • Determine your specific geographic region(s)/state(s).
  • Review CEHD’s Applying for Teacher Licensure web page and click on “License Outside of Minnesota.”
  • Find your chosen state(s) Department of Education website.
    • Learn how to obtain an out of state teaching license for that state (each state's requirements differ).
      • What is the process for transferring my certification to this state?
      • What documentation is required?
      • How long will the process take?
    • Find maps with listings of the schools in that area – public, charter, and private.
  • Once you select your school(s)/district(s), use their website to research.
    • Demographics
    • The school “report card”
    • School improvement plans
    • Click on “For Parents” section in addition to “For Educator” section, as this section can often provide more detailed information.
  • Review national job search sites for educators.
  • Network to connect with educators in your chosen state(s).
  • Set up informational interviews to learn more about employment in that area.
  • Attend the Minnesota Education Job Fair. Many out of state school districts attend this local career fair.
  • Search for regional job fairs in your chosen area.
  • Apply!