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At CAREI, our vision is to be the premier network hub that builds educator’s data-based decision-making capacity through high quality technical assistance, professional learning, and program evaluation in education.

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Fall 2020 Professional Learning Opportunities


Join CAREI for a self-paced, on-demand professional development course packed with practical suggestions for relaunching school this fall, whether this be through an in-person, hybrid, or distance model of learning. Some students will do quite well transitioning back to school because of protective factors, some will struggle a little, and some are likely to demonstrate significant needs for support. This course will help educators feel prepared to intentionally address the social-emotional needs of all students (and themselves) as school begins and throughout the coming school year.

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April 2020 CAREI Research Watch

Here at CAREI we release our Research Watch e-newsletter with summaries of relevant research and resources to assist member districts in their educational practices. We are making this edition available beyond our District Assembly membership to districts across the state in the hopes that the resources here may benefit your current transition.

At this point, it has been well-established that we have quite suddenly found ourselves in an unprecedented reality. We want to take this moment to express how much we appreciate the tremendous work that you all do to benefit students across the state. The calling of educators has always been an especially trying and noble pursuit; never has that been more on display than this moment.

This month, we have made immediate adjustments to Research Watch to support your transition to distance learning. There are certainly many resources at our disposal to take on distance learning, and yet there are also many questions out there regarding how we will use this medium to ensure that we are reaching all of our students. With that in mind, we are summarizing research and literature with the intention of addressing these needs.

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