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Christopher Desjardins

Research Consultant

CAREIRoom 425K LES, 1954 Buford Ave
Office hours:By Appointment
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, concentration in Quantitative Methods in Education, University of Minnesota
M.S. in Statistics, University of Minnesota
B.S. in Biology, University of Maine

Christopher earned a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Quantitative Methods in Education from the University of Minnesota in 2014; a M.S. in Statistics from the University of Minnesota in 2013; and a B.S. in Biology from the University of Maine in 2002. He recently completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Iceland in statistics where he implemented an ecosystem model, Atlantis, for the Icelandic waters. He has taught courses in introductory statistics; introductory measurement and psychological testing; and item response theory. He has published 10 articles; 2 book chapters; and presented numerous talks and posters at national and international conferences. He is a co-author of an R package on the Comprehensive R Archive Network, which implements various profile analytic techniques. He has written a Shiny-based visualization tool for the Atlantis ecosystem model and other software he has authored is available on his GitHub repository:

Christopher helped to co-found Parsimony; a statistical, psychometric, and evaluation consulting company. In addition, he has consulted for Minneapolis Public Schools, Lutheran Social Services, and the Improve Group. From 2012 to 2013, he served as the statistical consultant for the Institute of Child Development.  

Christopher is interested in the statistical modeling of longitudinal data and has worked on several projects with Minneapolis Public Schools and researchers in the Institute of Child Development to model various academic and behavioral outcomes over time. He is interested in categorical data analysis, particularly the modeling of outcomes that are rare but, when present, can be quite abundant. Finally, he is interested in data visualization, especially the use of web-based interactive plots to assist with the communication of complex models and for the exploration of complex patterns in data, and programming in the R statistical language.

Selected Publications

  1. Masten, A., Long, J., Kuo, S., McCormick, C., & Desjardins, C. (2009). Developmental models of strategic intervention. European Journal of Developmental Science, 3(3), 282 – 291. 

  2. Masten, A., Desjardins, C., McCormick, C., Kuo, S., & Long, J. D. (2010). The significance of childhood competence and problems for adult success in work: A developmental cascade analysis. Development and Psychopathology, 22(3), 679 – 694. 

  3. Liou, P., Desjardins, C., & Lawrenz, F. (2010). Influence of scholarships on STEM teachers: Cluster analysis and characteristics. School Science and Mathematics, 110(3), 128 – 143. 

  4. Masten, A. S., Herbers, J. E., Desjardins, C. D., Cutuli, J. J., McCormick, C. M., Sapienza, J. K., Long, J. D., & Zelazo, P. D. (2012). Executive function skills and school success in young children experiencing homelessness. Educational Researcher, 41(9), 375 – 384. 

  5. Cutuli, J. J., Desjardins C. D., Herbers, J. E., Long, J. D., Heistad, D., Chan, C.-K., Hinz, E., & Masten, A. S. (2013). Academic Achievement Trajectories of Homeless and Highly Mobile Students: Resilience in the Context of Chronic and Acute Risk. Child Development, 84(3), 841 – 857. 

  6. Klimes-Dougan, B., Desjardins, C. D., James, M. G., Narayan, A., Long, J., Cullen, K. R., Gold, P. W. & Martinez, P. P. (2013). The development of thought problems: A family risk study of offspring of bipolar parents. Development and Psychopathology, 25(4), 1079 – 1091. 

  7. Desjardins, C. D. (2013). Evaluating the performance of two competing models of school suspension under simulation - the zero-inflated negative binomial and the negative binomial hurdle. Dissertation paper. 

  8. Bowe, A., Desjardins, C.D., Covington-Clarkson, L., & Lawrenz, F. (2015). Exploring teacher and student beliefs about single-sex classes: A cross case study of two single-sex and two coed 6th grade math classrooms. Urban Education, 1 – 30. 

  9. Kimmons, R., Miller, B., Amador, J., Desjardins, C. D., and Hall, C. (2015). Technology integration methods: Supporting pre-service teachers’ meaningful application of technologies for teaching and learning. Educational Technology & Development, 63(6), 809 – 829. 

  10. Desjardins, C. D. (2015). Modeling zero-inflated and overdispersed count data: An empirical study of school suspensions. Journal of Experimental Education, DOI: 10.1080/00220973.2015.1054334. 

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