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2020-21 CAREI Professional Learning Opportunities

Taking Action to Learn About Racial Equity

This webinar will feature highlights from Alyssa’s dissertation on white teacher candidates’ learning about racial equity in teacher practice.


  1. Increase understanding of how racism operates and must be disrupted.
  2. Gain skills in using race talk and data analysis to promote learning about racial equity.
  3. Learn about strategies to disrupt the reproduction of racism.
  4. Advance knowledge of how to plan activities around racial equity that minimize harm and maximize learning potential.

The live webinar has passed. If you are interested in learning about this event, the recording and additional materials are linked below.






On-Demand Course: Recovery and Redesign with an Intentional Focus on the Whole Child

Join CAREI for a self-paced, on-demand professional development course packed with practical suggestions for relaunching school this fall, whether this be through an in-person, hybrid, or distance model of learning. Some students will do quite well transitioning back to school because of protective factors, some will struggle a little, and some are likely to demonstrate significant needs for support. This course will help educators feel prepared to intentionally address the social-emotional needs of all students (and themselves) as school begins and throughout the coming school year. This course consists of 7 modules. Modules are 20-60 minutes each, totaling 4 hours of professional learning.


CAREI Assembly Member Individual, School, or District | Free
Non-member Individual | $100 per person for full course
Non-member School or District | $500 per building for full course



MTSS Process Guide Technical Assistance

We know that high fidelity of implementation leads to improved student outcomes. It is essential for districts to have a well-defined MTSS framework in order to ensure fidelity of implementation. An MTSS process guide or manual supports consistent implementation and data-based decision-making.

Those interested in working on their process guides at their own pace can purchase the CAREI model process guide as a stand-alone option.

For those who are interested in working with CAREI staff in developing or refining your guides, join us for live online sessions on January 20, February 3, February 17, March 3, March 17, and March 31 (2pm-4pm). Teams will participate via Zoom from 2pm-4pm.

January 20, February 3, February 17, March 3, March 17, and March 31

Option 1: Process Guide Only
Non-member | $200
CAREI Assembly Member | Free (access via member portal)
MTSS process guide purchase link
**Invoices can be requested by contacting Tyler McDonald

Option 2: Process Guide with Technical Assistance
Non-member Team | $1500 per team of five for all sessions (model process guide included)
CAREI Assembly Member Team | $1200 per team of five for all sessions (model process guide included)



Problem Solving Team Training

Build your school problem-solving team’s capacity to evaluate intervention effectiveness using a systematic approach. The course consists of 4 self-paced modules to help your teams learn about effective teaming practices and processes to evaluate student outcomes, how to match interventions to student need, and how to evaluate intervention effectiveness. Each team will receive data collaboration protocols and gain practical information to support best practices in data-based decision- making.


Non-member Team | $2500 per team of eight for all sessions
CAREI Assembly Member Team | $2000 per team of eight for all sessions



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