We are experts in research, evaluation, and assessment working to close the gap between research and practice in Minnesota schools. Each project is tailored to the specific needs of the client and the program, context, or policy involved. We listen to and work with our clients and partners to understand their experiences.

What We Do

Research & Assessment

CAREI provides consultation and collaborative services for high quality research design along with quantitative and qualitative analysis. We also partner to develop, refine, and support the development and use of assessments to guide and evaluate programs, services, and outcomes for learners.

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Data & Analytics

CAREI offers a wide variety of data and analytics services to local education agencies and Minnesota School districts.

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Program Evaluation

We partner to evaluate programs, policies, and practices to estimate their impact and to refine solutions for organizations. With a 25-year history of collaborating with policymakers, organizational leaders, program staff, and community partners, CAREI researchers are equipped to design and implement high quality evaluations.

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Innovation & Outreach

CAREI strives to build partnerships with organizations who value evidence-based refinement, development, and improvement. Through a membership in the CAREI District Assembly network, partners gain access to a wealth of resources, including the latest in research news and innovations.

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Studying Our Past Partnerships

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