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Culture and Teaching (CaT) engages the study of education as a cultural phenomenon. As a student in CaT, you will study a range of educational processes that take place both in and beyond the borders of schools, and explore alternative epistemologies and pedagogies. While CaT primarily engages schools and schooling, it also attends to families, neighborhoods, and international communities.

CaT is a politically committed program. Faculty and students are dedicated to seeking better understandings of issues pertaining to equity and social justice in both research and teaching. The track is interdisciplinary and collaborative, so your work as a student will encompass many different approaches, methods, and perspectives.

Degrees and Programs

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Research topics in culture and teaching explore issues of social justice, race, society, and their impact on education and equity.

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Nimo Adbi Assistant Professor
Nimo Abdi
Nina Asher Professor
Nina Asher
Vichet Chhuon Associate Professor
Vichet Chhuon
Mary Hermes Professor
Mary Hermes
Timothy Lensmire Professor
Timothy Lensmire
Bic Ngo Professor
Bic Ngo
Thomas Swiss Professor
Thomas Swiss