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Elementary Education Degrees and Programs

Elementary Education Program Area

Whether you wish to major in elementary education, earn your teaching license for K-12 classrooms in Minnesota or address some of the challenges of contemporary education at the elementary level through research, we offer degrees to fit your interests and experience level. This program emphasizes:

  • A focus on interdisciplinary approaches to curriculum development
  • The use of inquiry as a key pedagogical approach
  • The importance of a strong understanding of diversity and its social and educational implications
  • Child development and learning theories as the foundation for research and teaching in elementary settings

Elementary Education Degrees and Programs

Find detailed information about the elementary education programs we offer:

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Foundations

Master of Education and Initial Teaching License in Elementary Education

Master of Education and Initial Teaching License in Elementary Education focused on Dual Language and Immersion*

M.A./Ph.D. in Elementary Education

Which teacher licensure program in elementary education is right for you? See the comparison chart to help you find the right program.

* Not offered through the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Elementary Education Program Faculty

Blanca Caldas Assistant Professor
Blanca Caldas
Colleen Clements Lecturer
Colleen Clements
Jana LoBello Miller Lecturer
Jana LoBello
Ann Mason Director of Elementary Teacher Education
Ann Mason
Mark Vagle Professor
Mark Vagle
Cynthia Zwicky Lecturer
Cynthia Zwicky