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Ph.D./M.A. in Learning Technologies


The Ph.D. and M.A. programs in Learning Technologies prepare students to conduct research and engage in educational technology-related practices in higher education, K-12, and business settings. Core focus areas include learning analytics, K-12 technology integration, online distance learning, and multimedia design and development.

Research Opportunities

Students can engage in research that advances the field of educational technologies and ties into their areas of interest.

Students have access to resources in the Learning Technologies Media Lab. Check out what’s happening at the lab.

Areas of research include:

  • NSF-funded projects (topics include developing scientifically literate citizenry through knowledge building; exploring the development of computational thinking in middle school girls)
  • Research-to-practice partnerships with local school districts

Career Outlook

M.A graduates engage in advanced media and software design and development, lead K-12 technology integration initiatives, and work as researchers. M.A students often apply to Ph.D. programs.

Ph.D. graduates earn academic positions in higher education institutions and become leaders within community organizations, K12 schools, and businesses.

Current students and recent graduates have found employment in the following positions:

  • Academic Developer in the Teaching and Learning Innovation Center at Goldsmiths College, University of London
  • Academic Technologist, University of Minnesota
  • Assistant Professor of Digital Marketing Technologies, University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • Associate Professor + Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Technology, Royal Roads University
  • Creative Director, LT Media Lab
  • Instructor of Instructional Technology, University of South Florida

Graduate Faculty

Bodong Chen Associate Professor
Bodong Chen
Jolie Kennedy Lecturer
Jolie Kennedy
Angelica PazurekSenior Lecturer
Angelica Pazurek
Cassandra Scharber Associate Professor
Cassandra Scharber


Coursework in Learning Technologies includes hands-on learning and use of current technologies, development of technological solutions, consideration of theory and research, and conducting educational research.

The M.A. is designed for students interested in a stronger research orientation compared to those who pursue the M.Ed degree in Learning Technologies. Students complete a thesis (plan A) or a final paper (plan B). View the required courses in the graduate catalog under subplan “Learning Technologies.”

The Ph.D. experience is based upon your research interests with your faculty advisor. To view the curriculum requirements in detail visit the course catalog and look under the program subplan "Learning Technologies".

Sample plan of study:

  • Core courses: CI 8131, CI 8132 (6 cr)
  • Research courses: CI 8134 + CI 8135, OLPD 5056, OLPD 5528, EPSY 8251, EPSY 8252 (18 cr)
  • Major courses: CI 5331, CI 5330, CI 5365, CI 8391, CI 8395 (15 cr)
  • Supporting courses: CI 5472, EPSY 5151, CI 5651, CI 5641 (12 cr)
  • Elective course: CI 8461 (3 cr)
  • Thesis credits: CI 8888 (24 cr)

Admissions Information

Priority deadline: December 1

Admissions decisions: January

For detailed funding and admission information including transfer credits and international student admissions, visit our admissions page.

Note to International Students: While this program offers many online courses, international students on F-1 visas have limitations. Students with F-1 visas may take no more than the equivalent of 1 (one) completely online education class (or 3 credits per semester) and count it towards their full-time course requirement. Full-time enrollment for graduate students is 6 credits.

Rukmini Avadhanam

"I’m really fortunate to work with faculty who are extremely knowledgeable, very approachable, and who have had a lot of impact on the way I started looking at my research and career."

Rukmini Avadhanam, PhD candidate, 2023