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Learning Technologies Degrees and Programs


The Learning Technologies program area offers unique opportunities for educators and technology professionals to advance the field of educational technology. Educators can earn graduate degrees that help them successfully incorporate technology into the classroom, create a distance learning program or foster online learning. Business and technology professionals can learn software and multimedia design to develop educational apps and programs. Students benefit from a rich, broad-based curriculum and faculty members with both research-based and hands-on expertise, as well as access to the Learning Technologies Media Lab.

Learning Technologies Degrees and Programs

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Program is offered online

Learning Technologies Program Faculty

Bodong Chen Associate Professor
Bodong Chen
Jolie Kennedy Lecturer
Jolie Kennedy
Matti Koivula Lecturer
Matti Koivula
Angelica Pazurek Senior Lecturer
Angelica Pazurek
Cassandra Scharber Associate Professor
Cassandra Scharber


Students have access to resources in the Learning Technologies Media Lab. Check out what’s happening at the lab.

Areas of research include:

  • NSF-funded projects (topics include developing scientifically literate citizenry through knowledge building; exploring the development of computational thinking in middle school girls)
  • Research-to-practice partnerships with local school districts