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Additional License in Reading


This online program is designed for licensed teachers who wish to add an additional Minnesota teaching license in reading. A reading license can extend your knowledge and expertise as:

  • An elementary classroom teacher or a secondary content teacher
  • A reading teacher or specialist
  • A literacy coach or a literacy leader at the school or district level

The program is conducted entirely online allowing working professionals flexibility in completing the coursework. Optional face-to-face meetings can be scheduled as needed.


After you are admitted, you will receive a customized curriculum plan of courses to take to be recommended for licensure. This ensures you get maximum credit for previous academic work and work experiences. Topics covered include:

  • Instructional leadership in reading in k-12 classrooms
  • Addressing cultural linguistic and economic diversity in the classroom
  • Literacy coaching and leadership in the schools
  • Preventing and addressing reading difficulties
  • Promoting media and digital literacy

In order to be recommend for your Minnesota k-12 reading license, you must successfully complete these licensure requirements required by the state of Minnesota.


Our faculty are leaders in the field of literacy education:

Lori Helman Professor
Lori Helman
David O'Brien Professor
David O'Brien

Master of Education

You can pursue the additional license alone or pursue the additional license and the Master of Education in Professional Studies in English Education at the same time.

A master’s degree will help advance your career. Benefits include:

  • Teachers with a master's degree are regarded as experts in their field, making you a more competitive job candidate with an M.Ed.
  • Teachers who have a master's degree will see a roughly $7,000 annual salary increase [].
  • Though the salary increase with a master's degree will vary by district and state, Minnesota teachers are on the higher end of the payscale. Median Minnesota teacher salaries were $64,790 and $64,960 for middle school and high school respectively in 2019 [BLS].
  • Once a teacher is employed, there is much more mobility that comes with a Master's. Teachers with advanced degrees can be promoted to school administration positions and can become mentors to other teachers based upon specific graduate training.

You will need to apply to both the additional license program and the M.Ed program. An advisor will work with you to plan your coursework to meet both requirements simultaneously.

Admissions Information

This program is currently not accepting applications.

Application Deadlines:

  • October 1 for Spring admission
  • February 1 for Summer admission
  • June 1 for Fall admission

The program duration is dependent on your previous academic work completed. A bachelor's degree, teaching license, and 2.80 GPA are required.

For detailed admission information and tuition information on the additional licensure program visit our admissions page.

You can also contact the faculty advisor for the program, Cathy Cavanaugh.