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Barbara Billington

Senior Lecturer in Science Education
Secondary Science Program Lead
PhD in Science Education from University of Minnesota, CEHD;
MEd in Science Education from University of Minnesota, CEHD;
BA in biology from Carleton College.

STEM Education Center
Room 320K LES

1954 Buford Avenue
Tel: 612-626-2471

Office hours:
by appointment.

Areas of Interest

Gender Equity in STEM Preservice Teachers Beginning Teacher Induction

Barbara has been in academia since her preK days.  Although she never thought she would be a teacher as a child, she found her passion for education while killing countless millions of bacteria and yeast at the University of Chicago and working with scientists of all ages and levels of experience.  After a detour in a fruit fly lab, she earned her life science teaching licensure and taught for seven years as a high school biology teacher.  Subsequently, after a few years of supervising student teachers and organizing the Minnesota State Science Bowl competitions, she returned to graduate school.  Currently she teaches new and beginning science teachers... with a focus on student-centered, culturally relevant, gender-equitable, inquiry-based instruction with a critical feminist pedagogical lens. Barbara works with Twin Cities PBS on their SciGirls program as an instructor, researcher, and writer to bring equitable teaching practices to classrooms throughout the metro area and beyond.  She also works in partnership with Andamio Games on a new app which is designed to support the teaching and learning of cellular respiration and photosynthesis.  This new app will be piloted in classrooms soon

Selected Publications

  1. Wang, H. H.; Billington, B. and Chen, Y.C. (2014). STEM in a Hair Accessory: Summer and after-school programs can bring engineering design to underserved communities. Science and Children, 52(3), 3-8.  
    This article was awarded the Association of American Publishers Revere Award for feature article in May 2015.
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