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Terrence Wyberg

Senior Lecturer
320 D Learning and Environmental Sciences Building
1954 Buford Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota 55108

Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Mathematics Education

Office hours:
by appointment

Areas of Interest

Teacher education and development, exploring how teachers’ content knowledge is related to their teaching approaches.

Research Interests

My teaching experience began as a high school mathematics teacher in Yuma, Arizona. Since that time, I have taught mathematics at the high school and college levels and mathematics education at the college level. These experiences have shaped my view of what it means to help children at the elementary and secondary levels learn mathematics.

This is an exciting time for mathematics education. Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the development of new mathematics curricula has changed the way mathematics is taught in many schools. I am interested in helping teachers improve their teaching so that they can adapt to the changes necessary to implement these curricula effectively. For the past three years, I have taught methods courses for elementary and secondary pre-service teachers and teacher enhancement courses for in-service teachers. I have conducted teacher training workshops for the NSF-funded project MASP2.* My future research efforts will be focused on how teachers' content knowledge is related to their teaching approaches.

* Minneapolis and St. Paul Areas Merging to Achieve Standards Project: Implementing NSF Mathematics Curriculum in Partnership School Districts

Selected Publications

  1. Kahan, J. & Wyberg, T. (in press). Problem Solving can Generate New Approaches to Mathematics: The Case of Probability. Mathematics Teacher.

  2. Kahan, J. & Wyberg, T. Technology Matters: An invitation to generating functions with CAS, chapter accepted for forthcoming NCTM 2003 yearbook Teaching Mathematics with CAS.

  3. Kahan, J. & Wyberg, T. Mathematics as Sense-Making, chapter accepted for forthcoming (2003) NCTM book Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving.

  4. Kahan, J. and Wyberg, T. (2002). The Spot Problem: Connecting Points, Connecting Mathematics.Mathematics Teacher, 95(1), 26-31.

  5. Wyberg, T. (1999). Technology in the Mathematics Classroom: Helping Students Make Connections.Research/Practice, 6(2), 16-18.