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Stefanie Marshall

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Michigan State University, Educational Policy
M. A., University of Michigan, Educational Studies- Educational Leadership and Policy
B.S., Oakland University, Biology

STEM Education Center .
Room 320J LES
1954 Buford Ave

Tel: 612-624-9540

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Areas of Interest

Science Education Educational Policy Leadership in science education

Dr. Marshall’s research has two general strands: 1) the bureaucracy of science and STEM education by examining the role of school leaders, and 2) key stakeholders within science networks. Dr. Marshall is a former middle and high school teacher and worked in federally mandated programming in the lowest performing schools in Michigan.

Selected Publications

  1. Marshall, S. L., & Khalifa, M. A. (2018). Humanizing school communities: Culturally responsive leadership in the shaping of curriculum and instruction. Journal of Educational Administration.

  2. Tatto, M. T., Savage, C., Liao, W., Marshall, SL., Goldblatt, P., & Medel, L. (2016). The emergence of high-stakes accountability policies in teacher preparation: An examination of the U.S. Department of Education's proposed regulations.Educational Policy Analysis Archives, 24, 21.

  3. Penuel, W., Marshall, S. L., De Los Santos, E., Lin, Q., Anderson, C.W., Frank, K., (I2018). Building networks to support implementation of science curriculum in the Carbon TIME Project. 

Selected Presentations

  1. Marshall, S. L., (April 2018). Principal code switching for science: How the manufacturing of capital benefits marginalized students. A paper to be presented at the American Educational Research Association, NY, NY.

  2. Khalifa, M.,Marshall, S. L., Hamilton, J., Banwo, B., Bell, C., (April 2018). Culturally responsive school leadership: Support staff in anti-oppressive school reform. A paper to be presented at the American Educational Research Association, NY, NY.

  3. Marshall, S. L., (March 2018). Teachers’ sensemaking about implementation of an innovative science curriculum across the settings of professional development and classroom enactment. Presented at the National Association of Research in Science Teaching, Atlanta, GA.

  4. Marshall, S. L., (March 2018). The Impact of Race on Sensemaking within an Elementary Science Network. Presented at the National Association of Research in Science Teaching, Atlanta, GA.

  5. Khalifa, M., Maydun, N.,Marshall, S. L., Hamilton, J., Banwo, B., Bell, C., (November 2017). Perceptions of Culturally Responsive School Leadership and System-Level Supports: Connecting Community with Instructional Coaching. Presented at the University Council of Educational Administration, Denver, CO. 

  6. Marshall, S. L., (May 2017).The impact of race on sensemaking within an elementary science network. Presented at the Sandra K. Abell Institute, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan. 

  7. Marshall, S. L., Penuel, P.R., (April 2017). The influence of social networks and context on teacher agency.A paper to be presented at the National Association of Research in Science Teaching, San Antonio, TX.

  8. Marshall, S. L.,Ibourk, A., (April 2016). Examining challenges and finding solutions in genetics assessment design for diverse high school learners. A paper presented at the American Educational Research Association, Washington, D.C.