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David O'Brien

Ph.D., University of Georgia
Literacy Education

Curriculum and Instruction
Room 358 Peik Hall

159 Pillsbury Dr S E
Tel: 612-625-5337

Office hours:
by appointment

Areas of Interest

Adolescent literacy, literacy across disciplines, digital literacies: construction of supportive programs for adolescents and struggling adolescent readers, using literacy across the curriculum; using digital literacies to engage adolescents; bridging traditional print literacies with multimodal literacies and new media

Research Interests

My scholarship and teaching focus on the literacy practices of adolescents. I study how adolescents engage in literacy practices in support of learning with both traditonal print texts as multimodal texts and also how teachers learn to engage students in literacy practices with various text genres in middle and high school instruction.   Working from both socicultural and sociocognitive frameworks, I also explore how to motivate and engage “struggling” adolescent learners using various  technologies and multimodal texts.   I am currently collaborating with colleague Rick Beach in exploring how apps and other digital environments can be used to support the literacy learning of students in various disciplines.  Some of this work is highlighted in our blog,  Apps for Learning with Literacy  A forthcoming Routledge book on this topic, Using Apps for Learning Across the Curriculum:  A Literacy-Based Framework, will be available October 2014.  I am also embarking on a new project to implement and study a model, Strategic Engagement in Literacy, with colleague Deborah Dillon focusing on the systematic integration of motivation and engagement components into strategy instruction in literacy with middle school students who struggle in reading.  

Selected Publications

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