MEd and Teaching License, Multilingual Education

Earn your master’s of education and a license to teach English as a Second Language and/or world languages in Minnesota K-12 classrooms in just 12 months. Our accelerated program will prepare you to step into your classroom after graduating with all the required coursework and teaching hours completed. The license to teach in Minnesota is highly transferable to other states and our candidates are sought after by local school districts.


of Multilingual education graduates found teaching jobs within a year of graduation (2021-22 cohort)

World and Classical Languages


The MEd and teaching licensure coursework is offered in a full-time, twelve-month graduate program that integrates coursework with student teaching. Program orientation is in May. Courses start in the summer and finish the following summer.

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Master of Education

This program includes two components: initial licensure to be an ESL and/or a world or classical language teacher in Minnesota and a Master of Education degree. A graduate degree will, on average, earn you a pay increase and make you a more competitive job candidate.

Combining an MEd with your teaching license offers the following advantages:

  • Teachers who have a master's degree will see a roughly $7,000 annual salary increase []
  • Though the salary increase with a master's degree will vary by district and state, Minnesota teachers are on the higher end of the payscale.
  • Teachers with advanced degrees can be promoted to school administration positions and can become mentors to other teachers based upon their graduate training.

Program details

Student experience

Our unique co-teaching program and cohort experience will help you gain the confidence you need to start in your own classroom with plenty of support. You will engage in student teaching in one or more K-12 student teaching practica. Learn more about the student teaching experience.

Program coursework

You can earn a license in more than one second language area, including ESL, world language, and classical language. The coursework will cover core teaching practices including leading discussion, assessments, technology in education, supporting linguistically diverse students, and developing skills to meet the needs of all learners.

View the curriculum in the course catalog under subplan “Second Language Education.”

Admission, tuition, and scholarship information

See admissions deadlines, prerequisites, application requirements, and program costs.

Teacher Scholars of Color program

Sam and Michael Helgeson

Do you identify, or are you identified, as a non-majority racial group? Consider participating in the Teacher Scholars of Color program. Students admitted to the MEd and initial teaching license have the opportunity to join a community of prospective teachers of color and get paired with a faculty mentor. International students are also welcome to this program. Find out more about the TSoC program.

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What our students have to say

zachary lee
There has been a culture in our teaching cohort of looking out for one another and collaborating that will serve us well in the future, but has also just been really fun and meaningful in the present.The all-around support has been amazing.

Zachary Lee
MEd Multilingual Education, 2020