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Student Research

Arts in Education

  • Technology Predisposition of Art Teacher Candidates: Influences on Technology Integration Practices
  • Ellyn Buchanan, 2016

    advisor: James Bequette

  • Understanding Resistance in the Dance Classroom: An Examination of One Dance Educator’s Path Toward Change
  • Betsy Maloney Leaf, 2015

    advisor: James Bequette

  • Comics, Curriculum & the Classroom: The Development and Implementation of an Arts-Integrated Holocaust Unit
  • Jeremy Johnson, 2014

    advisor: James Bequette

  • Cooperating Teachers’ Lived Expectations in Student Teaching; A Critical Phenomenological Exploration of Identity Infusing Arts-Based Research
  • Tamara Weiss, 2014

    advisor: James Bequette

  • Design for a Sustainable Future: An Autoethnographic Examination of Practical Applications of Sustainability for Design Education
  • Sara Almudhaf, 2017

    advisor: James Bequette

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Literacy Education

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