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Teacher Preparation Research

Explore faculty research in teacher preparation.

Research Faculty

 Patricia Avery
Professor Patricia Avery
  • Political tolerance
  • Civic identity/education
  • Teacher education
Erin Baldinger
Assistant Professor Erin Baldinger
  • Mathematics teacher preparation
  • Mathematical knowledge for teaching
  • Practice-based teacher education
James Bequette
Associate Professor James Bequette
  • Culturally relevant arts education
  • Visual and media arts
  • Teacher development
  • Design process and aesthetic problem solving
 Blanca Caldas
Assistant Professor Blanca Caldas
  • Bilingual education
  • Preservice bilingual/language teacher education
  • Minoritized language practices and pedagogies
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Spanish for bilingual teachers
  • Oral narratives/testimonies
Sam David
Assistant Professor Sam David
  • Language and literacy, ESL and bilingual education
  • CLD students in mainstream classrooms
  • Translingual pedagogy
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy
  • Teacher learning
  • Educational equity
Deborah Dillon
Professor Deborah Dillon
  • Literacy practices in education
  • Engaged reading
  • Literacy leadership and school reform
  • Qualitative research methodologies
Amy Lee
Professor Amy Lee
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Teacher development in higher education
  • Engaging diversity and supporting equity in undergraduate classrooms
  • Composition/writing studies
  • Intercultural pedagogy
J.B. Mayo, Jr.
Associate Professor J.B. Mayo, Jr.
  • LGBT and Queer Studies
  • Teacher education
  • Critical pedagogies
  • Multicultural education
  • Social justice
  • Intersectionality of race, gender, and sexual orientation
Gillian Roehrig
Professor Gillian Roehrig
    • K-12 STEM integration
    • STEM teacher induction
    • STEM teacher preparation and professional development
Cassandra Scharber
Associate Professor Cassandra Scharber
  • Literacy, power, and technology transforming teaching and learning
Diane Tedick
Professor Diane Tedick
  • Immersion and dual language education
  • Content-based language instruction
  • Language teacher education and development
  • Foreign language education

Instructional Faculty

Barbara Billington
Senior Lecturer Barbara Billington
  • Secondary science teacher education and development
  • Elementary teacher education in science instruction
  • Gender equity in STEM
  • Teacher mentoring and support
Jeff Henning-Smith
Teaching Specialist Jeff Henning-Smith
  • Elementary education
  • Social studies education
  • Teacher education
  • Teacher identity
  • Mentoring and teacher support
  • Equity and social justice orientated classrooms
Ann Mason
Program Director of Elementary Teacher Education Ann Mason
  • Teacher education
  • Culturally relevant/sustaining pedagogy
  • Teacher identity
  • Intersections among race, racism, and schooling
  • Immigrant education
  • Social justice in education
  • Social and cultural contexts of education
Terrence Wyberg
Senior Lecturer Terrence Wyberg
  • Teacher education and development
  • teachers’ content knowledge in relation to teaching approaches