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Welcome to a community of lifelong learners, changemakers, and educational leaders.

Student experience

Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

As a student in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, you will join a community of lifelong learners committed to advancing education, improving outcomes for students, and leading change in Minnesota’s schools through research and practice. Your community will include your program peers, our world-class faculty, and our team of dedicated advising staff who will help guide you through your academic career.

Student teaching experience

If you are an aspiring teacher, you will have plenty of time in the classroom and get hands-on experience at every level. Find out more about what your experience will be in the teacher licensure program including working in the schools as a student teacher and being part of a cohort of aspiring teachers.

Student research experience

Graduate students on a research track are supported with resources from one of the most prestigious research universities in the country. As an MA or PhD student you will be part of a graduate student community that offers opportunities to write, publish, present, attend conferences, and deepen your research skills. Our faculty have broad and deep areas of expertise, and will support you in developing your own research agenda.

Diversity and inclusion

We are a community dedicated to social justice and equity in education. Our students, faculty, and staff are working towards improving educational practices, preparing new teachers for success, and helping students learn while supporting their cultures and identities. We actively seek students with diverse perspectives and life experiences to join our community.

Our location

The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus is uniquely situated as a top research institution in a major metropolitan area home to an extremely diverse population. The Minneapolis-St. Paul metro boasts a vibrant art and theatre community, cultural opportunities, schools with diverse student populations, and some of the best outdoor recreation opportunities in the nation. The metro area is repeatedly ranked at the top of lists for the best park system, the most bike friendly, and the healthiest city. Find out more about our unique campus and metro area.