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Monograph Series

The CRDEUL monograph was a peer reviewed publication that provided dissemination and professional mentoring opportunities to contributing authors. The goal of these monographs was to build strong research and theoretical foundations in the field of developmental education, learning assistance, and access from the perspectives of teachers, researchers, support services specialists, and students.

CRDEUL Monograph 7
Diversity and the Postsecondary Experience (PDF)
Order Monograph 7 online | Monograph 7 in PDF format

CRDEUL Monograph 6
Student Standpoints About Access Programs in Higher Education
Order Monograph 6 online | Monograph 6 in PDF format

CRDEUL Monograph 5
Best Practices in Access and Retention in Higher Education
Order online | PDF: Pages 1-82 | Pages 83-170

CRDEUL Monograph 4
Multiculturalism in Developmental Education
PDF: Pages 1-42 | Pages 43-84
RTF: Pages 1-100

CRDEUL Monograph 3
Exploring Urban Literacy & Developmental Education
PDF: Pages 1-58 | Pages 59-136
RTF: Pages 1-158

CRDEUL Monograph 2
Histories of Developmental Education
PDF: Pages 1-58 | Pages 59-102
RTF: Pages 1-98

CRDEUL Monograph 1
Theoretical Perspectives for Developmental Education
PDF: Pages 1-108 | Pages 109-190
RTF: Pages 1-172