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Psychological foundations of education:
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Advising philosophy

Our program faculty members span a wide range of research approaches. Nevertheless, we are all psychological and educational scientists committed to training the next generation of leaders in the field. We do so by adopting an apprenticeship model. Although the details of this model look different for undergraduate and graduate students, the end goal is the same: to produce independent force for improving educational outcomes for all students.

Review the Psychological Foundations of Education Advising Philosophy



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Doctoral prelims in psychological foundations


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Mission statement

To apply and generate knowledge of psychological processes and methodological procedures involved in learning and teaching for the betterment and improvement of humans in a wide range of situations.

Student profile

“I joined the Educational Psychology department because it offered an applied study of psychology along with a focus on real-world issues. The faculty are leaders in their fields, and they provide an exceptional learning environment, in both the classroom and research labs.”

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Anthony Schulzetenberg PhD student |

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