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Quantitative methods in education:
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Advising philosophy

The document below outlines the general expectations for advising within the Quantitative Methods in Education program. Please see your advisor for their specific approach to advising. Each student is assigned one (or more) faculty advisors upon admission to the QME track. Each student also has a backup advisor in the event the primary advisor is notavailable (e.g., sabbatical leave). These assignments are initially made based on the student’s proposed area of emphasis and research interests as stated in their application or through personal visits, as well as faculty interest and availability. Students may change their advisor as they progress through their program.

Review the Quantitative Methods in Education Advising Philosophy



Doctoral written prelim

Monthly Measurement Speaker Series

In case you missed it, check out these webinar replays and presentations.

Educational Psychology Equity, Diversity, and Anti-Racism Student Site

Find out how you can get involved in department efforts, learn where you can go for help if you're experiencing bias or racism, and get resources on anti-racism.


Human resources/payroll

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Mission statement

QME strives to be a premier program recognized for leadership, innovation, and excellence, and to enable human potential through the advancement of education. QME prepares students to become cutting-edge professionals in educational measurement, evaluation, statistics, and statistics education, through excellence in teaching, research, and service; and through investigating and developing research methodology in education.