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Alumni profiles

Get to know some of our alumni, learn about their experience in our programs, and see what they are doing now.

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Counseling and student personnel psychology

Keenan Cashen-Smart headshot

Keenan Cashen-SmartPre-licensed clinical mental health counselorMA, 2019

"I consider my work at CSPP to be the foundation that keeps me stable within my work counseling."

Masha Finn headshot

Masha FinnCareer counselorMA, 2017

Masha Finn Finn is a career counselor for Hamline University’s Career Development Center where she meets with students individually to talk through career exploration, choosing a major, preparing for job interviews, and transitioning to life post-college. In addition, she facilitates workshops on all of the above topics for a variety of classes across Hamline’s campus. Read more.

Sarah Gustafson-Dombeck headshot

Sarah Gustafson-DombeckAccess consultantMA, 2017

Sarah Gustafson-Dombeck is a care manager at the University of Minnesota’s Office for Student Affairs Care Program. In this position she assists and provides ongoing support through individualized case management for students dealing with increased stress, illness, personal emergencies, or other unexpected difficulties, as well as consultation and training with faculty and staff. Read more.

Andrew Jacobson headshot

Andrew JacobsonOutpatient therapistMA, 2019

"The growth that I experienced in the CSPP program was more than just skills-based, being vulnerable led to personal growth that accompanied my education."

Marin Thuen headshot

Marin ThuenSchool counselorMA, 2015

Marin Thuen is a school counselor at Olson Middle School in North Minneapolis. In this role she does individual counseling, small group counseling, classroom lessons, crisis counseling, therapy referrals, and serves as a member of several school-wide teams. Read more.

Jeanette Vyhanek headshot

Jeanette VyhanekSchool counselorMA, 2017

Jeanette Vyhanek is the school counselor for grades 5-8 at Folwell Performing Arts Magnet School in the Minneapolis School district. Her role consists of supporting students in the development of social/emotional, academic, and career skills through classroom lessons, group work, and individual counseling. Read more.

Abby Whalen headshot

Abby WhalenSchool counselorMA, 2017

Abby Whalen is currently an elementary school counselor for St. Paul Public Schools. In this position, she teaches classroom lessons, works with small groups of students, and also meets with students individually. Her work focuses on the personal, social, academic, and career development of each student. Read more.

Psychological foundations of education

Sarah Carlson headshot

Sarah CarlsonAssistant professorMA, 2008 | PhD, 2011

Sarah Carlson an assistant professor at Georgia State University. In this position, she conducts research as well as teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in memory and cognition as well as the psychological foundations of learning. Read more.

Virgina Clinton headshot

Virginia ClintonAssistant professorPhD, 2011

Virginia Clinton is an assistant professor at the University of North Dakota where she teaches courses in human development, educational psychology, and educational research methods as well as does research on student learning and cognition. Read more.

Lara Jessen headshot

Lara JessenData scientistMA, 2015 | PhD, 2017

Lara Jessen is a data scientist for Minneapolis Public Schools where she supports community partners and schools with data-based decision making and data literacy. Read more.

Mike Mensink headshot

Mike MensinkAssociate professorPhD, 2011

Mike Mensink is an associate professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Stout where he teaches four classes a semester on a range of topics, including: Introduction to Psychology, Child Development, Research Methods and Statistics, Experimental Psychology, and Applied Cognitive Psychology. Read more.

Quantitative methods in education

Ethan Brown headshot

Ethan BrownAssociate Director, Research Methodology Consulting Center, CEHD, University of MinnesotaPhD, 2019

Ethan Brown works at the Research Methodology Consulting Center in the College of Education and Human Development where he helps researchers design and analyze studies. Read more.

Elizabeth Fry headshot

Elizabeth FryEvaluation Associate, Center for Creative LeadershipPhD, 2017

Elizabeth Fry works as an evaluation associate at the Center for Creative Leadership where she evaluates leadership development programs, with a focus on programs in higher education. Read more.

Kyle Nickodem headshot

Kyle NickodemResearch statistician. University of North Carolina at Chapel HillPhD, 2020

Kyle Nickodem is a research statistician at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill's School of Education where he offers consultations to graduate students working on their theses, as well as working with faculty on their research projects. Read more.

José Palma headshot

José PalmaPostdoctoral Researcher, University of Texas - AustinPhD, 2021

José Palma is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Texas - Austin where he investigates the roles of culture, equity, fairness, and opportunity to learn in educational measurement and assessment. Read more.

School psychology

Joo Ree Chu headshot

Joo Ree ChuSchool psychologistMA with specialist certificate, 2012

Joo Ree Chu is a school psychologist for a school in Denver, CO where she works directly supporting students as well as consulting with parents and teachers. Read more.

Lynn Edwards headshot

Lynn EdwardsPost-doctoral research associate and school psychologistMA with specialist certificate, 2013 | PhD, 2016

Lynn Edwards is a post-doctoral research associate for the FAST lab in the Department of Educational Psychology where she leads the effort to develop and conduct research for the Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) project. Edwards also works part-time as a school psychologist at the Mastery Charter School in Minneapolis. Read more.

Claire Harty headshot

Claire HartySchool psychologistMA with specialist certificate, 2017

Claire Harty is a school psychologist in a small school district in the Bay Area. She works with a diverse group of students in grades K-8 and her role includes assessment for special education eligibility, behavior intervention, and consultation with teachers and families. Read more.

Aleksis Kincaid headshot

Aleksis KincaidDistrict response-to-intervention coordinator and school psychologistMA with specialist certificate, 2014 | PhD, 2017

Aleksis Kincaid is currently district response-to-intervention coordinator and school psychologist for The School District of New Richmond in New Richmond, Wisconsin where he is responsible for establishing literacy and mathematics focused intervention systems and facilitating support team meetings, predominantly at the middle and high school level. Read more.

David Parker headshot

David ParkerVice president for research and developmentPhD, 2012

David Parker is vice president for research and development at ServeMinnesota, which is Minnesota’s AmeriCorps commission. In this position, Parker leads program evaluation, development of innovative practices, and design of technical systems. Read more.

Ethan Van Norman headshot

Ethan Van NormanAssistant professorMA with specialist certificate, 2014 | PhD, 2015

Ethan Van Norman is an assistant professor of school psychology at Lehigh University where he teaches graduate level school psychology courses, conducts research, and mentors and advises graduate students. Read more.

Rachel Knowles headshot

Rachel KnowlesSchool psychologistMA with specialist certificate, 2018

Rachel Knowles is a school psychologist within the Mounds View Public School district. She helps conduct special education evaluations, consults in the process of prevention/intervention, and problem-solves with students, staff and families to meet students’ academic, behavioral, and mental health needs.Read more.

Amanda Hensgen headshot

Amanda HensgenSchool psychologistMA with specialist certificate, 2015

Amanda Hensgen is a school psychologist within the Minneapolis Public School district. In this position, she collaborates with educators about the use of evidence-based instructional practices and supports. Amanda enjoys the direct interactions she has with students. Read more. Read more.

Special education

Gina Theesfeld headshot

GinaMarie TheesfeldSpecial education teacherMEd, 2016

GinaMarie Theesfeld is currently a special education teacher for Minneapolis Public Schools. Read more.

Anne Larson headshot

Anne LarsonAssistant professorPhD, 2016

Anne Larson is an assistant professor at Utah State University where she researches early language development and studies sociocultural and environmental factors that affect child-caregiver interactions. She teaches courses in the birth-to-5 program to prepare early childhood special educators for work with children who have disabilities, as well as the parents and caregivers who help support those children.

Gena Nelson headshot

Gena NelsonAssistant professorPhD, 2017

Gena Nelson is currently an assistant professor at Boise State University’s Department of Early and Special Education. Here she teaching methods and content area courses in the special education teacher preparation program, supervising pre-service teachers, and conducting a line of research related to math learning disabilities. Read more.

Pyung-Gang Jung headshot

Pyung-Gang JungLecturerPhD, 2015

Pyung-Gang Jung is a lecturer in the Department of Special Education at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Jung teaches undergraduate and graduate students, focusing on courses about education students with learning disabilities and mild disabilities. Read more.

Anna-Lind Pétursdóttir headshot

Anna-Lind PétursdóttirProfessorPhD, 2016

Anna-Lind Pétursdóttir is professor of special education and behavior analysis at the University of Iceland as well as head psychologist at the Department of Preschool Service, Municipality of Kopavogur, Iceland. Read more.