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500 Under Five

Five Hundred under 5 (FHu5) began in 2006 as a place-based and collaborative initiative to promote school readiness in north Minneapolis. CEED was a founding partner for FHu5. CEED staff participated in the following ways:

  • Served on the FHu5 leadership team
  • Conducted and coordinated research on a variety of levels
  • Supported initiative development

CEED staff constructed the overall evaluation and research program for FHu5 so that data and outcomes would drive programming and investments. Equally important, CEED staff developed new ways to provide parents/guardians with accurate and actionable information about their child’s developmental trajectory towards kindergarten readiness and to help support parents/guardians in using that information for decision-making about their children.

In 2010, FHu5 transitioned into the Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ), seeding the NAZ Early Childhood Action Team and the overall collaborative with staff and knowledge from the experiences of FHu5. The goal of FHu5 and now NAZ and its Early Childhood Action Team is to make sure that children enter kindergarten ready to learn and grow into productive, thriving adults, and that parents and families have access to the information and services that will help them reach this goal. This will be accomplished in NAZ through strategic alignment of services and supports, family engagement, and a focus on the education continuum from birth to college.

Community partners in FHu5

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Project staff

  • Scott McConnell, Principal Investigator
  • Lauren Martin, Research Associate