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Ready to succeed!


Ready to Succeed! is a UROC project in partnership with CEED and Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ). The goal is to promote Kindergarten readiness through family-focused curriculum as part of the NAZ pipeline of family support provided by the NAZ Family Academy curricular offerings. The project is committed to promoting parenting practices that support early literacy and numeracy while also promoting parents’ use of positive discipline strategies which supports social-emotional development.

Ready to Succeed! uses community-based participatory research (CBPR) methods to learn best practices for inspiring, engaging and collaborating with families enrolled in NAZ's Family Academy, while supporting families in their role as the primary source of education for their children. Lauren Martin, Alisha Wackerle-Hollman, Tracy Bradfield, Alysha Price along with NAZ staff members Andre Dukes and Jewelean Jackson, have designed a program that combines research on school readiness, children’s development and parenting to build a holistic evidence-based model which at the same time aims to understand and document the engagement and empowerment mechanisms of Family Academy and the quality and type of relationship between educators, staff, and participants.

Project staff

  • Heidi Barajas, Principal Investigator
  • Lauren Martin, Co-Investigator
  • Alisha Wackerle-Hollman, Co-Investigator
  • Alysha Price, Project Coordinator
  • Andre Dukes, NAZ Family Academy Facilitator
  • Jewlean Jackson, NAZ Family Academy Facilitator


Northside Achievement Zone


Contact Alysha Price at 612-624-7305 or