Educational Psychology

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Recent Educational Psychology Dissertations

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Psychological Foundations of Education

  • Data-Based Decision Making in Early Childhood: Teachers’ Competencies, Beliefs, and Practices
    Kelsey Will, 2022
    Advisor: Panayiota Kendeou
  • "Let's (fire)Work Together!": Exploring the Potential for Intergroup Contact between Nonbinary and Cisgender Individuals through a Cooperative Commercial Board Game
    Yu-Chi Wang, 2021
    Advisor: Geoffrey Maruyama
  • Social-emotional learning in higher education: Examining the relationship between social-emotional skills and students’ academic success
    Isabel Lopez Hurtado, 2020
    Advisor: Geoffrey Maruyama
  • Revising Misconceptions Using Multiple Documents
    Reese Butterfuss, 2020
    Advisor: Pani Kendeou
  • Pulling back the curtain on stereotype threat: Testing a mediation framework of identity change and belongingness
    Anthony Joseph Schulzetenberg, 2020
    Advisor: Geoffrey Maruyama
  • The Roles of Convergent, Divergent Thinking, and Contextual Focus during Scientific Reasoning: Birth of the “Z” Model
    Jean-Baptiste Quillien, 2019
    Advisors: Keisha Varma and Wilma Koutstaal
  • Social Capital, Self-Control, and Academic Performance in School-Age Children and Adolescents: Patterns Associated with Race/Ethnicity
    Wei Song, 2018
    Advisors: Geoffrey Maruyama and Zha Xiong
  • The Development of Arithmetic Sense and Its Predictive Relationship to Mathematical Achievement
    Soo-hyun Im, 2018
    Advisor: Sashank Varma
  • Gender, Leadership, and Navigating through the Hierarchy: Behavioral Patterns and Managers’ Assessments of Performance, Promotion Potential and Career Derailment
    Carolyn R Dienhart, 2018
    Advisor: Geoffrey Maruyama
  • Implicit Learning in Science: Activating and Suppressing Scientific Intuitions to Enhance Conceptual Change
    Jeremy Y Wang, 2018
    Advisor: Keisha Varma
  • Incorporating Response Times in Item Response Theory Models of Reading Comprehension Fluency
    Shiyang Su, 2017
    Advisors: William Bart, Keisha Varma
  • Social emotional competence: Culturally-bound or Context-free?
    Lara D. Westerhof, 2017
    Advisors: Geoffrey Maruyama, Steve Yussen

Quantitative Methods in Education

  • Incorporation of Covariates in Bayesian Piecewise Growth Mixture Models
    Rik Z. Lamm, 2022
    Advisors: Nidhi Kohli and Michael Rodriguez
  • Understanding the Development of Students' Multivariate Statistical Thinking in a Data Visualization Course
    Chelsey Legacy, 2022
    Advisors: Robert delMas and Andrew Zieffler
  • Reliability and Validity Evidence of Diagnostic Methods: Comparison of Diagnostic Classification Models and Item Response Theory-Based Methods
    Yoo Jeong Jang, 2022
    Advisor: Michael Rodriguez
  • A Monte Carlo Study of the Effects of Number of Clusters and Level-2 Residual Distributions on Multilevel Models
    Hao Jia, 2021
    Advisors: Michael Harwell and Nidhi Kohli
  • Modeling Response Processes in Early Literacy Measures
    Jose Rosalio Palma Zamora, 2021
    Advisor: Michael Rodriguez
  • Student Understanding of the Hypothetical Nature of Simulations in Introductory Statistics
    Jonathan M Brown, 2021
    Advisors: Robert delMas and Andrew Zieffler
  • Using psychometric models to measure social and emotional learning constructs
    Mireya Carmen-Martinez Smith, 2020
    Advisor: Micheal Rodriguez
  • Use of Aggregated Covariates in Propensity Score Analysis of Clustered Data
    Kyle Nickodem, 2020
    Advisor: Ernest Davenport
  • IRT Branching Models for Individual Differences in Dual-Processing Theory of Reading Comprehension
    Bowen Liu, 2020
    Advisor: Mark Davison
  • Standardized Bilingual Assessments: A Means to Reduce Construct-Irrelevant Variance and Ethnic/Racial Stereotype Threat
    Julio Caesar, 2020
    Advisor: Michael Rodriguez
  • Growing Certain: Students’ Mechanistic Reasoning about the Empirical Law of Large Numbers
    Ethan Brown, 2019
    Advisors: Robert delMas and Andrew Zieffler
  • Asian Americans in Educational Research: The Use of Disaggregated Racial and Ethnic Subgroup Data
    Mao Jacobson, 2019
    Advisor: Frances Lawrenz
  • The Effect of Test Speededness Control Within A Computerized Adaptive Multi-Stage Framework
    Qinjun Wang, 2019
    Advisor: Ernest Davenport
  • Bayesian Modeling of Associations in Bivariate Mixed-Effects Models for Segmented Growth Curves
    Yadira Peralta Torres, 2018
    Advisors: Mark Davison and Nidhi Kohli
  • Using Multiple Regression to Ascertain Group Differences in the Relationship of Predictors to a Criterion: Ethnic Group Differences in the Relationship between Course- taking and Achievement in Mathematics
    Kyungin Park, 2018
    Advisor: Ernest Davenport
  • Examining Power and Type 1 Error for Step and Item Level Tests of Invariance: Investigating the Effect of the Number of Item Score Levels
    Alicia Nicole Ayodele, 2017
    Advisor: Ernest Davenport
  • Assessing the Development of Students' Statistical Thinking: An Exploratory Study
    Laura Jean Le, 2017
    Advisor: Zieffler, Andrew
  • Identifying Aberrant Responding: Use of Multiple Measures
    Susan Christa Steinkamp, 2017
    Advisor: Michael Rodriguez
  • Introductory statistics students’ conceptual understanding of study design and conclusions
    Elizabeth Fry, 2017
    Advisor: Robert delMas
  • Development and Validation of a Survey to Measure Perceived Team Communication Skills in Middle and High School STEM Out-of-School Time Programs
    Amy Grack Nelson, 2017
    Advisor: Frances Lawrenz
  • The Impact of Heavy-tailed Error Distributions on Partially Nested Randomized Controlled Trials Models
    Mario Moreno, 2017
    Advisor: Michael Harwell

School Psychology

  • “What Should We Do Now?”: Family Service Use and Decision-Making in Autism
    Stacey C. Brandjord, 2022
    Advisors: Amanda Sullivan and Amy Esler
  • Student Perceptions of Caring Adults in Schools: A Qualitative Multi-Case Study
    Jenna McGinnis, 2022
    Advisors: Clayton Cook and Amanda Sullivan
  • Advancing Tailored Implementation of Evidence-based Practice in Schools
    Madeline Francis Larson, 2022
    Advisors: Clayton Cook and Faith Miller
  • The Impacts of Intervention Modality on Student Mathematics Operations Knowledge
    Kourtney Rebecca Kromminga, 2021
    Advisors: Robin Codding and Amanda Sullivan
  • The Relations between Academic Achievement and Externalizing Behavior: Separating Fact from Fiction
    Tara Kulkarni, 2021
    Advisor: Amanda Sullivan
  • Teacher Attitudes Toward Evidence-Based Practices: Confirmatory and Predictive Analyses of the School-Adapted Evidence-Based Practice Attitude Scale
    James Lorenz Merle, 2021
    Advisors: Clayton Cook and Faith Miller
  • Evidence-Based Instructional Principles and Sequences for Effective Fraction Instruction
    Kristin Elizabeth Running, 2021
    Advisors: Robin Codding and Amanda Sullivan
  • The Association Between SWPBS Implementation and Exclusionary Discipline in U.S. Schools
    Mollie Rose Weeks, 2021
    Advisor: Amanda Sullivan
  • A Cross-Validated Approach Towards Identifying the Unique and Cumulative Contributions of Child and Family Factors Predictive of Speech-Language Therapy Start Time
    Marianne Elmquist, 2021
    Advisors: Scott McConnell and Veronica Fleury
  • Planning for Students Who Struggle with Whole Number Computation
    Nicole McKevett, 2021
    Advisors: Robin Codding and Amanda Sullivan
  • How Teacher Self-efficacy and Mindset Influence Student Engagement and Math Performance
    Andrew Thayer, 2020
    Advisors: Clayton Cook and Theodore Christ
  • Supporting Fidelity of Implementation of Class-wide Behavioral Interventions
    Jenna Klaft, 2020
    Advisors: Robin Codding and Amanda Sullivan
  • Universal Factors and Tier 1 Interventions Associated with Quality Student-Teacher Relationships
    Laurie Kincade, 2020
    Advisor: Amanda Sullivan
  • Screening for Social-Emotional and Behavioral Aspects of Kindergarten Readiness: A Systematic Review of Screeners and Validation of BASC-3 BESS Teacher for Somali Students
    Alaa Houri, 2020
    Advisor: Amanda Sullivan and Faith Miller
  • An Exploratory Study of Trauma Screening Procedures and Instruments in Schools
    Sophia Frank, 2020
    Advisors: Clayton Cook and Amanda Sullivan
  • Profiles of Parental Mental Health and Children’s Academic Coping
    Aria Fiat, 2020
    Advisors: Clayton Cook and Amanda Sullivan
  • The Differential Effects of Elaborated Task and Process Feedback on Multi-digit Multiplication
    Rebecca Edmunds, 2020
    Advisors: Robin Codding and Amanda Sullivan
  • Sources of variance in reading comprehension research: The role of measures and interventions
    Calvary Diggs, 2020
    Advisor: Theodore Christ
  • Mathematics Computation: Generalizability and Dependability of Student Performance by Sample Size
    Danielle Becker, 2020
    Advisors: Theodore Christ and Amanda Sullivan
  • Exploring Relationships among Organizational Factors, Teachers' Attitudes toward Evidence-Based Practices, and Implementation of Universal Prevention Programs
    Yanchen Zhang, 2019
    Advisors: Clayton Cook and Amanda Sullivan
  • Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Mathematics Word Problem Solving with English Learners
    Leila C Jones, 2019
    Advisors: Robin Codding and Amanda Sullivan
  • Influence of Head Start Lead Teacher Profiles on the Relation between Coaching and Intervention Fidelity
    Stephanie Brunner, 2019
    Advisor: Amanda Sullivan
  • Effectiveness and Key Components of School-Based Anxiety Interventions
    Victoria Erhardt, 2019
    Advisors: Annie Hansen-Burke and Faith Miller
  • Engagement versus Motivation: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Motivation and Engagement Wheel
    Alyssa Schardt, 2019
    Advisor: Faith Miller
  • Examining the Structural Validity of the My Class Inventory – Short Form for Teachers (TMCI-SF) in Early Elementary School Classrooms
    Chloe Webb, 2019
    Advisors: Amanda Sullivan, Clayton Cook
  • The Effects and Generalization of a Choice-Based Intervention with Highly preferred Items on Student Off-Task Behavior
    Gregory R Simonson, 2018
    Advisor: Amanda Sullivan
  • Training Educators to Implement Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Evaluating the Effects of In-Service and Coaching on Intervention Fidelity
    Laura Marie Potter, 2018
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • An evaluation of the use of oral reading fluency as a screening tool with emerging biliterates
    Kirsten Newell, 2018
    Advisor: Robin Codding
  • Influence of Child Find Referral Mechanisms on Early Childhood Special Education Participation
    Elyse McCullough Farnsworth, 2018
    Advisor: Amanda Sullivan
  • Summer Learning Loss in Reading Achievement: Effects of Demographic Variables and Summer Activity
    Julia Baker, 2018
    Advisor: Theodore Christ
  • The Relation between Parent Involvement and the Development of Kindergarten Self-Regulation and Literacy Skills
    Amber Hays, 2018
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • Investigating Young Children’s Attitudes toward Mathematics: Improved Measurement and the Relation to Achievement
    Allyson Kiss, 2018
    Advisor: Theodore Christ
  • The Effectiveness of the ACHIEVER Adult Resilience Curriculum in Promoting Teacher Wellbeing
    Elizabeth Margaret Christian, 2017
    Advisors: Amanda Sullivan, Clayton Cook
  • Sexual minority youth diversity and resilience
    Jessie Marie Kember, 2017
    Advisors: Theodore Christ, Annie Hansen-Burke
  • Prevalence of Youth with Disabilities in the Juvenile Justice System
    Aleksis Paul Kincaid, 2017
    Advisor: Amanda Sullivan

Special Education

  • How Can We Enable Hmong Parents to Take Steps Towards Autism Identification?: Hmong Parents’ Beliefs about Autism and Their Experiences in the Identification Process
    Pang Xiong, 2022
    Advisors: Jason Wolff and Rose Vukovic
  • An Investigation of Methods Toward Mitigating Resurgence and Renewal in A Human Operant Model
    Emily Unholz-Bowden, 2022
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • The Impact of COVID-19: Special Education Student Teachers' Practicum Experience during the Spring of 2020
    Cristina Umana-Rojas, 2022
    Advisor: Kristen McMaster
  • Validating Movement-Based Sleep Assessment in a Pediatric Sample with Developmental Disabilities and Associated Motor Impairment and Intellectual Disability
    Alyssa Maria Merbler, 2022
    Advisor: Frank Symons
  • A Comparative Analysis of Self-Injurious Behavior and Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors Between Samples of Children With and Without Developmental Delay or Disability
    Stephanie Sarah Benson, 2021
    Advisor: Frank Symons
  • Characteristics of Students with Persistent Intensive Needs in Reading Comprehension and the Impact of Response Criteria
    Britta Johnn Cook Bresina, 2021
    Advisor: Kristen McMaster
  • Sensory Features in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review of Measurement Quality and Empirical Investigation of Sensory Responsivity in Children at High and Low Familial Risk for Autism
    Jaclyn Gunderson, 2021
    Advisors: Frank Symons and Jason Wolff
  • A Meta-analysis on the Effects of Vocabulary Instruction for English Learners
    Ellina Xiong, 2020
    Advisors: Jennifer McComas and Kristen McMaster
  • Child and Evaluation Characteristics Predicting Educational Eligibility of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Examining the Role of Race and Ethnicity
    Kelsey Ann Young, 2020
    Advisors: LeAnne Johnson and Jason Wolff
  • Exploring Determinants of Early Childhood Special Educators' Practice Selections for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Maria Lemler Hugh, 2020
    Advisors: LeAnne Johnson and Veronica Fleury
  • The Use of Generalizability Theory to Inform Sampling of Language Learning Environments for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Andrea Lynn Boh Ford, 2020
    Advisor: LeAnne Johnson
  • Examination Of Three Practice Schedules for Single Digit Math
    Kyle B Wagner, 2019
    Advisor: Kristen McMaster
  • The IEP Data Collection Intentions Scale (IDCIS): Scale Development and Validation for Intended Score Interpretation and Use in Early Childhood
    Brenna Noland Rudolph, 2019
    Advisor: LeAnne Johnson
  • Using Brief Experimental Analysis to Identify Effective Mathematics Fluency Intervention for Students in Middle School
    John Mouanoutoua, 2019
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • The Effect of Parent-Implemented Functional Communication Training on Challenging Behavior and Communication: A Meta-Analysis
    Brittany Pennington, 2019
    Advisors: Jason Wolff and Kristen McMaster
  • Redefining the Word Gap from a Cumulative Risk Perspective
    Erin Lease, 2018
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • Conflicting Relations Paradigm: The Effects of A Stimulus Equivalence-Based Approach to Changing Bias
    Robert Henery, 2018
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • The impact of a delay to early intensive behavioral intervention on educational outcomes for a cohort of medicaid-enrolled children with autism
    Adele Faye Dimian, 2017
    Advisors: Frank Symons, LeAnne Johnson
  • The Effects of Combining Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies and Incremental Rehearsal on Non-Spanish-Speaking English Language Learners’ Reading Achievement
    Amy Bethel Leinen, 2017
    Advisors: Kristen McMaster, Asha Jitendra
  • The Effects of Early Numeracy Interventions for Students in Preschool and Early Elementary: A Meta-Analysis
    Gena Nelson, 2017
    Advisor: Theodore Christ
  • Relations between CBM (Oral Reading and Maze) and Reading Comprehension on State Achievement Tests: A Meta-Analysis
    Jaehyun Shin, 2017
    Advisor: Kristen McMaster