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Recent Educational Psychology Dissertations

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Counseling & Student Personnel Psychology

  • Memorable Messages from Mentors: A Qualitative Study of First-Generation Graduate Students
    Opal Ojeda (Cook), 2019
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt and Caroline Burke
  • A Meta-Analysis of Research Examining the Relationship between Mindfulness and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms
    Kevyn Ziemann, 2019
    Advisor: Patricia Veach and Thomas Hummel
  • A Word, a Shadow, a Breath: A Phenomenological Investigation of Therapists' Perceptions of the Stigma Experienced by Women Residing in Ireland Who Have had Abortions
    Meredith Anne Martyr, 2018
    Advisor: Patricia Veach
  • Does having a school counselor matter?: A dissertation investigating school counseling in Minnesota
    Sarah E Cronin, 2018
    Advisor: Marguerite Ohrtman
  • On the Frontier: Exploring Rural Psychologist Practice in Integrated Behavioral Health Care
    Thomas Dawson Allen, 2018
    Advisor: Thomas Skovholt
  • Research Study of the Lived Experience of Alopecia Areata for Women During Early Adulthood
    Heather Rae Bemmels, 2017
    Advisor: Patricia Veach
  • Supporting college students with autism spectrum disorder: College counselors’ perspectives
    Drew David Benson, 2017
    Advisors: Thomas Skovholt, Sherri Turner
  • Understanding Emotion Regulation in Eating Disorder Recovery
    Nora Durkin, 2017
    Advisor: John Romano
  • “Surviving Our History”: A Qualitative Examination of Continuous Traumatic Stress in a Sample of Afghan Women
    Sandra Newton, 2017
    Advisor: Patricia Veach
  • Relationship between Women's Empathy and Their Experience of Violent Intimate Relationships: An Exploratory Study
    Cortney Del Duffy, 2016
    Advisor: Patricia Veach
  • An Investigation of the Role of Psychological Altruism in Living Kidney Donors
    Michaela Leigh McLaughlin, 2016
    Advisors: Caroline Burke, Patricia Veach
  • A Study of Highly Skilled LGBT-Affirmative Psychologists in College Settings
    Nicole Lee Park, 2016
    Advisors: Thomas Skovholt, Caroline Burke
  • Validation and Extension of the Reciprocal-Engagement Model of Genetic Counseling Practice: A Qualitative Investigation of Genetic Counselor Goals, Strategies, and Behaviors
    Krista A. Redlinger-Grosse, 2016
    Advisor: Patricia Veach
  • Secondary traumatic stress and posttraumatic growth: Risk and protective factors among American Red Cross disaster responders and disaster mental health workers
    Sarah Beckman, 2015
    Advisor: John Romano
  • What matters for black students? A question of sense of belonging, campus climate, perceived discrimination, gender, and institutional satisfaction
    Shari Dade, 2015
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • Key experiences in the adjustment of academically successful Chinese undergraduate international students at the University of Minnesota: A qualitative study
    Kangting Ji Heins, 2015
    Advisors: Patricia Veach and Thomas M. Skovholt
  • Grief counseling best practices at university counseling centers: Current preparedness and future directions
    Yang-Hyang Kim, 2015
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • Effects of PREPARE/ENRICH couple relationship education for Chinese college students in heterosexual exclusive dating relationships
    Ziqiu Li, 2015
    Advsior: John Romano
  • Creation and validation of a scale to measure the reluctance to video record individual Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) sessions
    Sonal Markanda, 2015
    Advisor: Kay Herting Wahl
  • Qualitative study of the development and maintainance of pathological gambling in females: And making the choice to recover
    Kerry O'Brien, 2015
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • An investigation of virtues (derived from character strengths) in relation to psychological adjustment among Chinese international college students
    Weiyang Xie, 2015
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • A mixed methods study of the impact of providing therapy to traumatized clients: Vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and vicarious posttraumatic growth in mental health therapists
    Monica Froman, 2014
    Advisor: John Romano
  • The mediating roles of fear of compassion from self and others, self-compassion, and perceptions of social support on the relationships between self-critcism and depressive symptoms
    Ju Ri Joeng, 2014
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • The other mother: An exploration of non-biological lesbian mothers' unique parenting experience
    Morgan Paldron, 2014
    Advisor: Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • Yoga as a psychological intervention: Conceptualizations and practice integration of professional psychologist-yoga teachers
    Anna Roth, 2014
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt
  • HBCU vs. PWI: Institutional integration at PWIs and black doctoral student depression, anxiety, and stress
    Marcuetta De'Angela Sims, 2014
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • Who should I bring? A qualitative examination of the role of the support person in the cancer genetic counseling appointment
    Ruth Swartwood, 2014
    Advisor: Patricia Veach
  • A case for mindfulness practice in fostering multicultural competence in counseling
    Sam C. Tourek, 2014
    Advsior: Michael P. Goh
  • Development, experience and expression of meaning in genetic counselors lives: An exploratory analysis
    David Wells, 2014
    Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • Relationship between racial microaggression and psychological wellbeing of African American college students
    Charles Helm, 2013
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt
  • Anxiety's effect on the experience of supervision of genetic counseling students
    Ian Macfarlane, 2013
    Advisor: Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • Therapist cultural intelligence as a moderator of working alliance and outcome in multicultural counseling
    Michael Peterson, 2013
    Advisor: Michael P. Goh
  • A study of peer-nominated exemplars of social justice commitment in counseling and psychology
    Adam D. Sumner, 2013
    Advisor: Michael P. Goh
  • A qualitative investigation of master group therapists' case conceptualization of group counseling
    Yoonhee Sung, 2013
    Thomas M. Skovholt
  • Portrait of the master genetic counselor: A qualitative investigation of expertise in genetic counseling
    Cacy Jai Capel-Miranda, 2012
    Advisor: Patricia Veach
  • Delay discounting as a measure of impulsivity
    Lidan Gu, 2012
    Advisor: Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • The relationship between negative life events as measured by family experiences and the working alliance
    Kathleen Joachim, 2012
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt
  • Development and validation of the master psychotherapist characteristics inventory
    Fengqin Lian, 2012
    Advisors: Thomas J. Hummel and Kay Herting Wahl
  • The role of self-compassion and emotional approach coping in the relationship between maladaptive perfectionism and psychological distress among east asian international students
    He Weon Seo, 2012
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt
  • Empathy training in genetic counseling: An investigation of how genetic counselors learn to "walk in their patients' shoes"
    Erin R. Vandenlangenberg, 2012
    Advsior: Patricia Veach
  • Mixed methods analysis of multicultural identity and psychological help seeking beliefs in in college students
    Jeffrey P. Walter, 2012
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt
  • College students' and counselor trainees' perceptions of a psychologically healthy person: A comparative study on cultural values between the United States and South Korea
    Kyu Jin Yon, 2012
    Advisor: Michael P. Goh

Psychological Foundations of Education

  • Social Capital, Self-Control, and Academic Performance in School-Age Children and Adolescents: Patterns Associated with Race/Ethnicity
    Wei Song, 2018
    Advisors: Geoffrey Maruyama and Zha Xiong
  • The Development of Arithmetic Sense and Its Predictive Relationship to Mathematical Achievement
    Soo-hyun Im, 2018
    Advisor: Sashank Varma
  • Gender, Leadership, and Navigating through the Hierarchy: Behavioral Patterns and Managers’ Assessments of Performance, Promotion Potential and Career Derailment
    Carolyn R Dienhart, 2018
    Advisor: Geoffrey Maruyama
  • Implicit Learning in Science: Activating and Suppressing Scientific Intuitions to Enhance Conceptual Change
    Jeremy Y Wang, 2018
    Advisor: Keisha Varma
  • Incorporating Response Times in Item Response Theory Models of Reading Comprehension Fluency
    Shiyang Su, 2017
    Advisors: William Bart, Keisha Varma
  • Social emotional competence: Culturally-bound or Context-free?
    Lara D. Westerhof, 2017
    Advisors: Geoffrey Mauyama, Steve Yussen
  • Reducing Hindsight Bias: Tests of a Retrieval-Based Theory
    Martin Van Boekel, 2016
    Advisors: Sashank Varma, Geoffrey Maruyama
  • A Twist Of Positive Youth Development: Maladaptive Self-Regulation In Early Adolescence
    Yuefeng Hou, 2016
    Advisor: Geoffrey Maruyama
  • The Role of Rational Numbers in Mathematical Achievement and Decision Making
    James Houseworth, 2016
    Advisors: Sashank Varma, Keisha Varma
  • The association between math teachers' moral judgment development and self-efficacy beliefs, and their relationship with student achievement
    Julia Chears-Young, 2014
    Advisors: Geoffrey Maruyama and Muriel Bebeau
  • How people reason: A grounded theory of scientific reasoning about global climate change
    Shiyu Liu, 2014
    Advisor: Frances P. Lawrenz
  • Changing mental representations using related physical models: The effects of analyzing number lines or learner internal scale of numerical magnitude
    Barbara J. Bengtson, 2013
    Advisor: William M. Bart
  • Effects of cooperative, competitive, and individualistic learning structures on college student achievement and peer relationships: A series of meta-analyses
    Caroline L. Hilk, 2013
    Advisor: David W. Johnson
  • Using testing to potentiate learning from expository texts
    Mark Lewis, 2013
    Advisor: Sashank Varma
  • Integration and validation in hybrid-online teacher preparation: A case study of persistence in a Native American special education licensure program
    Donna Patterson, 2013
    Advisor: Geoffrey Maruyama
  • The effects of casual relations and propositional density in texts on item difficulty in reading comprehension assessment
    Russell E. Swineburne Romine, 2013
    S. Jay Samuels and Sashank Varma

Quantitative Methods in Education

  • Growing Certain: Students’ Mechanistic Reasoning about the Empirical Law of Large Numbers
    Ethan Brown, 2019
    Advisors: Robert delMas and Andrew Zieffler
  • Asian Americans in Educational Research: The Use of Disaggregated Racial and Ethnic Subgroup Data
    Mao Jacobson, 2019
    Advisor: Frances Lawrenz
  • The Effect of Test Speededness Control Within A Computerized Adaptive Multi-Stage Framework
    Qinjun Wang, 2019
    Advisor: Ernest Davenport
  • Bayesian Modeling of Associations in Bivariate Mixed-Effects Models for Segmented Growth Curves
    Yadira Peralta Torres, 2018
    Advisors: Mark Davison and Nidhi Kohli
  • Using Multiple Regression to Ascertain Group Differences in the Relationship of Predictors to a Criterion: Ethnic Group Differences in the Relationship between Course- taking and Achievement in Mathematics
    Kyungin Park, 2018
    Advisor: Ernest Davenport
  • Examining Power and Type 1 Error for Step and Item Level Tests of Invariance: Investigating the Effect of the Number of Item Score Levels
    Alicia Nicole Ayodele, 2017
    Advisor: Ernest Davenport
  • Assessing the Development of Students' Statistical Thinking: An Exploratory Study
    Laura Jean Le, 2017
    Advisor: Zieffler, Andrew
  • Identifying Aberrant Responding: Use of Multiple Measures
    Susan Christa Steinkamp, 2017
    Advisor: Michael Rodriguez
  • Introductory statistics students’ conceptual understanding of study design and conclusions
    Elizabeth Fry, 2017
    Advisor: Robert delMas
  • Development and Validation of a Survey to Measure Perceived Team Communication Skills in Middle and High School STEM Out-of-School Time Programs
    Amy Grack Nelson, 2017
    Advisor: Frances Lawrenz
  • The Impact of Heavy-tailed Error Distributions on Partially Nested Randomized Controlled Trials Models
    Mario Moreno, 2017
    Advisor: Michael Harwell
  • Check Int CR- Evaluating Statewide School Accountability Systems: Comparison of Growth Models
    Katherine D. Edwards, 2016
    Advisors: Frances Lawrenz, Nidhi Kohli
    Anelise Guimaraes Sabbag, 2016
    Advisors: Joan Garfield, Andrew Zieffler
  • Modeling Item Features that Characterize Measurement Bias
    Luke David Stanke, 2016
    Advisor: Michael Rodriguez
  • A restricted bi-factor model of subdomain relative strengths and weaknesses
    Yu-Feng Chang, 2015
    Advisor: Mark Davison
  • Simulating the Effects of Test Score Reliability and Test Dimensionality on Teacher Value-Added Scores and Inferences.
    Danielle N. Dupuis, 2015
    Advisor: Michael Rodriguez
  • Improving the use of subscores on a test battery: Some reliability and validity evidence from the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children- Fourth Edition
    Lan Huang, 2015
    Advisor: Mark Davison
  • A spatial regression discontinuity evaluation of Minnesota's Quality Compensation for Teachers Program
    Christopher Moore, 2015
    Advisors: Ernest Davenport and Frances Lawrenz
  • Quantifying quality: The effects of score transformation method and school demographics on school rankings under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
    Alison Phillips, 2015
    Advisors: Frances Lawrenz and Andrew Zieffler
  • Revisting three comparisons of unobserved conditional invariance techniques for the detection of differential item functioning
    Quintin Love, 2014
    Advisors: Ernest Davenport and Geoffrey Maruyama
  • Differential item functioning in computerized adaptive testing: Can CAT self-adjsut enough?
    Chayut Piromsombat, 2014
    Advisor: Ernest Davenport
  • Reconceptualizing statistical literacy: Developing an assessment for the modern introductory statistics course
    Laura Ann Ziegler, 2014
    Advisors: Joan B. Garfield and Michelle Everson
  • Misspecification of the covariance matrix in the linear mixed model: A monte carlo simulation
    Brandon C. Lebeau, 2013
    Advisor: Michael H. Harwell
  • Assessing dimensionality of latent structures underlying dichotomus item response data with imperfect models
    Cengiz Zopluoglu, 2013
    Advisor: Ernest Davenport
  • Multilevel modeling of item position effects
    Anthony Albano, 2012
    Advisor: Michael Rodriguez
  • Evaluating the use of two different models of collaborative tests in an online introductory statistics course
    Audbjorg Bjornsdottir, 2012
    Joan B. Garfield
  • An exploratory technique for finding the q-matrix for the DINA model in cognitive diagnostic assessment: Combining theory with data
    Catherine Close, 2012
    Mark Davison and Ernest Davenport
  • Developing and validating an instrument to measure college Students' Inferential Reasoning in Statistics: An argument-based approach to validation
    Jiyoon Park, 2012
    Advisors: Robert delMas and Joan Garfield
  • An empirical study of Bonett's (2009) Meta-Analytic Model
    Aolin Xie, 2012
    Advisor: Michael R. Harwell
    Beckman,Matthew D.
    Advisor: Garfield, Joan, delMas, Robert
  • Examining the impact of financial circumstances and disciplinary field of study on seniors’ participation in high-impact educational practices at research-intensive universities
    Gorny, Laura S.
    Advisor: Frances Lawrenz

School Psychology

  • Influence of Head Start Lead Teacher Profiles on the Relation between Coaching and Intervention Fidelity
    Stephanie Brunner, 2019
    Advisor: Amanda Sullivan
  • Effectiveness and Key Components of School-Based Anxiety Interventions
    Victoria Erhardt, 2019
    Advisors: Annie Hansen-Burke and Faith Miller
  • Engagement versus Motivation: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Motivation and Engagement Wheel
    Alyssa Schardt, 2019
    Advisor: Faith Miller
  • Examining the Structural Validity of the My Class Inventory – Short Form for Teachers (TMCI-SF) in Early Elementary School Classrooms
    Chloe Webb, 2019
    Advisors: Amanda Sullivan, Clayton Cook
  • The Effects and Generalization of a Choice-Based Intervention with Highly preferred Items on Student Off-Task Behavior
    Gregory R Simonson, 2018
    Advisor: Amanda Sullivan
  • Training Educators to Implement Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Evaluating the Effects of In-Service and Coaching on Intervention Fidelity
    Laura Marie Potter, 2018
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • An evaluation of the use of oral reading fluency as a screening tool with emerging biliterates
    Kirsten Newell, 2018
    Advisor: Robin Codding
  • Influence of Child Find Referral Mechanisms on Early Childhood Special Education Participation
    Elyse McCullough Farnsworth, 2018
    Advisor: Amanda Sullivan
  • Summer Learning Loss in Reading Achievement: Effects of Demographic Variables and Summer Activity
    Julia Baker, 2018
    Advisor: Theodore Christ
  • The Relation between Parent Involvement and the Development of Kindergarten Self-Regulation and Literacy Skills
    Amber Hays, 2018
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • Investigating Young Children’s Attitudes toward Mathematics: Improved Measurement and the Relation to Achievement
    Allyson Kiss, 2018
    Advisor: Theodore Christ
  • The Effectiveness of the ACHIEVER Adult Resilience Curriculum in Promoting Teacher Wellbeing
    Elizabeth Margaret Christian, 2017
    Advisors: Amanda Sullivan, Clayton Cook
  • Sexual minority youth diversity and resilience
    Jessie Marie Kember, 2017
    Advisors: Theodore Christ, Annie Hansen-Burke
  • Prevalence of Youth with Disabilities in the Juvenile Justice System
    Aleksis Paul Kincaid, 2017
    Advisor: Amanda Sullivan
  • Student-Centered Analyses of Classroom Perceptions and their Prediction of Student Disengagement
    Joseph Andrew Demers, 2016
    Advisor: Christ, Theodore
  • Investigating Why Phrase Drill Works: The Effects of Modeling and Sentence Repetition on Student Oral Reading Fluency Skills
    Lynn Marie Edwards, 2016
    Advisor:Burns, Matthew
  • A Comparison of Targeted and Multicomponent Small-Group Reading Interventions in Early Elementary Grades.
    Hall, Matthew Steven 2016
    Advisors: Matthew Burns, Theodore Christ
  • Relationship between the Learning Hierarchy and Academic Achievement on Strategies Used by Third-Grade Students when Solving Multiplication Word Problems
    Rebecca Ann Kanive, 2016
    Advisors: Matthew Burns, Theodore Christ
  • Intervening with the Interventionist: Matching Interventions for Treatment Integrity to Stages of the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change
    Abbey C. Karich, 2016
    Advisors: Matthew Burns, Theodore Christ
  • School Psychologists' Consistency and Confidence in Learning Disability Identification: The Impact of Identification Methodology and Inconclusive Student Data
    Kathrin E. Maki, 2016
    Advisors: Matthew Burns, Amanda Sullivan
  • The Comparative Effects of Dyad Mathematics Interventions on Improving Multiplication Proficiency
    Sandra Moran Pulles, 2016
    Advisors: Matthew Burns, Theodore Christ
  • School Psychologists’ Decision Making in Evaluations for Emotional Disturbance
    Shanna S. Sadeh, 2016
    Advisors: Amanda Sulliva, Matthew Burns
  • Defining and Measuring School Readiness using Confirmatory Factor Analysis Techniques
    Jenna Marie Ward, 2016
    Advisors: Annie Hansen-Burke, Theodore Christ
  • The influence of parenting stress and social support on parenting behavior during a preventative parenting education program for enhancing school readiness
    Kate Clayton, 2015
    Advisors: Theodore J. Christ and Scott McConnell
  • Examining the effects of an attribution retraining intervention on the attributions and engagement of alternative school students
    Maureen Cooper, 2015
    Advisor: Sandra Christenson
  • Determinants of school completion: Student perceptions of success at an experiential learning high school.
    Elizabeth Mary Hagen, 2015
    Advisor: Christenson, Sandra
  • Parental trust of schools and its role in postsecondary readiness
    Rosalie Palan, 2015
    Advisor: Sandra Christenson
  • An evaluation of the accuracy of time series interpretations of CBM-R progress monitoring data
    Ethan Van Norman, 2015
    Advisor: Theodore J. Christ
  • A proposed algebra problem-analysis model
    Christopher Walick, 2015
    Advisors: Matthew Burns and Theodore Christ
  • Using Measures of Mathematics to Predict Response to Supplemental Intervention.
    Anne Follen Zaslofsky, 2015
    Advisors: Matthew Burns, Theodore Christ
  • Teacher-student relationships: Examining student perceptions of teacher support and positive student outcomes
    Sarah B. Berman-Young, 2014
    Advisor: Sandra L. Christenson
  • A continuum of persistence: Low-income and first-generation college students' perceptions of critical factors for postsecondary success
    Zoila Ganuza Hoaglund, 2014
    Advisor: Sandra Christenson
  • Screening with FAST early reading measures: An examination of individual measures and composite scores
    Barbara Monaghen, 2014
    Advisor: Theodore J. Christ
  • Self-regulated learning, classroom context, and achievement: A dual-method investigation
    Julia Ann Gdula Nelson, 2014
    Advisor: Sandra Christenson
  • Student perceptions of the classroom environment: Actionable feedback as a catalyst for instructional change
    Peter Nelson, 2014
    Advisor: James E Ysseldyke
  • Developing a teacher rating scale of preschool student behavior for use in an RTI decision-making framework
    Braden Schmitt, 2014
    Advisors: Theodore J. Christ and Scott McConnell
  • Screening with FAST earlyReading measures: An examination of individual measures and composite scores
    Barbara Vetter, 2014
    Advisor: Theodore J. Christ
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of positive life changes social-emotional learning curriculum
    Julie Whitmore, 2014
    Advisor: James E. Ysseldyke
  • Examining the evidence-base for the interventions used in a large urban district
    David A. Klingbeil, 2013
    Advisor: James E. Ysseldyke
  • Enhancing maintenance and generalization of incremental rehearsal through theory-based modifications
    Shawna M Petersen-Brown, 2013
    Advisor: Matthew Burns
  • Direct and indirect effects of textbook modality on adolescents' reading engagement and comprehension
    Sarah E. Scholin, 2013
    Advisor: Matthew Burns
  • The influences of linguistic demand and cultural loading on cognitive scores
    Damien C. Cormier, 2012
    Advisor: Jim Ysseldyke
  • Giftedness and underachievement: A comparison of student groups
    Jennifer Davie, 2012
    Advisor: Theodore J. Christ
  • Technology-enhanced formative assessment in mathematics for English language learners
    Adam J. Lekwa, 2012
    Advisor: James E. Ysseldyke
  • Relation between family literacy practices and children's literacy development: Exploring the link between home and school
    Jaclyn A. McMurray, 2012
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • Examining the potential use of instructionally-relevant assessment data in early writing
    David C. Parker, 2012
    Advisor: Matthew Burns
  • Using student performance during a reading intervention to predict student outcomes and performance on accountability measures of reading
    Lorien B. Parson, 2012
    Advisor: Matthew Burns
  • The personal readiness evaluation for postsecondary (PREP): A development and validation study
    Angie J. Pohl, 2012
    Advisor: Sandra Christenson
  • Predicting intervention effectiveness from oral reading accuracy and rate measures through the learning hierarchy/instructional hierarchy
    Isadora E. Szadokierski
    Advisors: Jennifer McComas and Matthew Burns
  • Examination of the usefulness of the picture naming individual growth and development indicator for preschoolers with disabilities
    Maura D. Tanabe, 2012
    Advisors: Scott McConnell and Amanda Sullivan
  • Identifying profiles of reading strengths and weaknesses at the secondary level
    Allison M. Trentman, 2012
    Advisor: Theodore J. Christ

Special Education

  • The IEP Data Collection Intentions Scale (IDCIS): Scale Development and Validation for Intended Score Interpretation and Use in Early Childhood
    Brenna Noland Rudolph, 2019
    Advisor: LeAnne Johnson
  • Using Brief Experimental Analysis to Identify Effective Mathematics Fluency Intervention for Students in Middle School
    John Mouanoutoua, 2019
    Adivsor: Jennifer McComas
  • The Effect of Parent-Implemented Functional Communication Training on Challenging Behavior and Communication: A Meta-Analysis
    Brittany Pennington, 2019
    Advisors: Jason Wolff and Kristen McMaster
  • Redefining the Word Gap from a Cumulative Risk Perspective
    Erin Lease, 2018
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • Conflicting Relations Paradigm: The Effects of A Stimulus Equivalence-Based Approach to Changing Bias
    Robert Henery, 2018
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • The impact of a delay to early intensive behavioral intervention on educational outcomes for a cohort of medicaid-enrolled children with autism
    Adele Faye Dimian, 2017
    Advisors: Frank Symons, LeAnne Johnson
  • The Effects of Combining Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies and Incremental Rehearsal on Non-Spanish-Speaking English Language Learners’ Reading Achievement
    Amy Bethel Leinen, 2017
    Advisors: Kristen McMaster, Asha Jitendra
  • The Effects of Early Numeracy Interventions for Students in Preschool and Early Elementary: A Meta-Analysis
    Gena Nelson, 2017
    Advisor: Theodore Christ
  • Relations between CBM (Oral Reading and Maze) and Reading Comprehension on State Achievement Tests: A Meta-Analysis
    Jaehyun Shin, 2017
    Advisor: Kristen McMaster
  • Examining Generalization Performance in a Conditional Discrimination Task for Learners with Moderate to Severe Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    Mo Chen, 2016
    Reichle, Joe
  • The Classroom Learning Activities Checklist: Validity Evidence of an Observation Tool in Preschool
    Candee, Allyson Joelle 2016
    Advisor: McConnell, Scott
  • Exploring Early Childhood Language Environments: A Comparison of Language Exposure, Use and Interaction in the Home and Child Care Settings
    Anne Larson, 2016
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • Effectiveness of Mathematical Word Problem Solving Interventions for Students with Learning Disabilities and Mathematics Difficulties: A Meta-Analysis
    Amy E. Lein, 2016
    Advisor: Asha Jitendra
  • An examination of fidelity of two parent-implemented vocabulary interventions for young learners with autism spectrum disorder
    Quannah Elizabeth Parker-Mcgowan, 2016
    Advisor: Joe Reichle
  • Communication intervention for children with severe neurodevelopmental disabilities: An application of telehealth as a service delivery mechanism
    Jessica Jo Simacek, 2016
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • Repeated reading with and without vocabulary instruction: Outcomes for English language learners
    Dana Brandes, 2015
    Advisor: Kristen McMaster
  • Effects of data-based instruction for students with intensive early writing needs: A randomized control trial
    Pyung-Gang Jung, 2015
    Advisor: Kristen McMaster
  • Technical characteristics of e-based vs. paper-pencil CBM tasks for students who are deaf and hard of hearing.
    Elizabeth Anne Lam, 2015
    Advisors: Kristen McMaster, Susan Rose
  • Social Communication Across Language Environments in Nonverbal Children with ASD from English and non-English Speaking Families.
    Emily Rudrud Monn, 2015
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • Word Identification for Children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing.
    Brooke A. Peterson, 2015
    Advisor: Susan Rose
  • The effects of computer-assisted instruction in reading: A meta-analysis
    Amy Kunkel, 2015
    Advisor: Kristen McMaster
  • An investigation into the validity of using a CSA to inform hypotheses regarding student behavior
    Meredith Peterson, 2015
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • Examining Special Educators Verbal Responsiveness in Groups of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    Qian, Xueqin 2015
    Advisor: Joe Reichle
  • Examining Effects of a Repeated Reading Intervention and Predictive Effects of Student Inputs.
    Stephanie Marie Snidarich, 2015
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • Comparing cutaneous sensory reactivity between children with and without global developmental delay
    Chantel Barney, 2014
    Advisor: Frank Symons
  • Comparison of placement decisions based on picture Naming 1.0 and picture naming 2.0
    Amanda Besner, 2014
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • The effects of training in universal design for learning
    Ting-Wen Chen, 2014
    Advisor: Susan Hupp
  • Testing a model for assessment and intervention decision-making for students with co-occuring behavior problems and reading difficulties in the classroom: Exploring the relative effects of antecedent intervention strategies
    Andrea Egan Hamad, 2014
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • Professional development including performance feedback to support home visitors' use of caregiver coaching strategies during home visits
    Kellie Krick Oborn, 2014
    Advisors: Joe Reichle and LeAnne Johnson
  • A comparison of word learning in 3-year-old children at-risk for language and literacy difficulties in two conditions: Dialogic reading and activity-based intervention
    Naomi L. Rahn, 2013
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • Effects of a collaborative intervention on the quality of preservice teachers' data based decision making
    Jennifer Wilson, 2013
    Advisor: Susan Hupp
  • Functional communication training in Rett syndrome
    Breanne Byiers, 2013
    Advisor: Frank J Symons
  • Teaching for transfer of an evidence-based reading strategy: An experimental field trial
    Viveca Pinto, 2012
    Advisors: Stanley L. Deno and Kristen McMaster