College of Education and Human Development

Family Social Science

Current Student Resources

Current student forms, handbooks, and resources

Research poster resources can be found on the Family Social Science Graduate Handbook website.

Undergraduate Program

Contract for Independent Directed Study

Undergraduate Minor Applications

Application directions for an FSOS minor:

    1. Choose the form for the minor you are seeking to complete.
    2. Complete the form entirely. Print, sign, scan, and email to Kirsten Collins, senior undergraduate advisor, at
    3. Once it is received, she will review, sign, and submit to CEHD for processing.
    4. If the form is incomplete, she will send it back to you for completion.
    5. Once approved, it takes two to three days for it to show up on APAS.

Graduate Program

Handbooks and Program Manuals

All other handbooks and manuals for previous years are now archived on the Family Social Science Graduate Handbook site.