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Family Social Science

Sharon Danes


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Ph.D., Family Economics and Management, Iowa State University
M.A., Family Economics and Management, Michigan State University
B.S., Home Economics Education and Extension, University of Wisconsin
EDFP (Economic Development Finance Professional)

Areas of Interest

Intersection of Social and Economic Decision Making
Family Businesses
Families and Work
Family Financial Issues Within Relationships
Change and Resiliency
Farm Women, Families, and Businesses
Children and Money

Research & Discovery

Family Businesses - Factors at the intersection of the family and business systems that affect the viability of family businesses.

Families and Finances - The intersection of social and economic decision making is the central focus to Sharon's work on family finance.

Outreach & Engagement

Rural Life MN:  provides information for family business vitality and about personal finance for families.

Planning Ahead for Retirement: a comprehensive guide to retirement planning includes information on estimating the income you will need to retire, setting meaningful goals, understanding financial products, making investment choices, financial planners, and health and life insurance.

Teaching Children Money Habits for Life (PDF): provides information, suggestions, and activities parents can use when teaching children of different ages and stages of development about money.

Change, Loss, Opportunity, and Resilience (video): guides people through the processes of emotional reactions, spending patterns, rethinking goals, and managing conflict should you be adjusting to the loss together with a partner.

Suddenly Reduced Income: guides families through emotional, financial, and relationship complexities when adjusting to a sudden reduction in income.

Children and Money - Allowances and Alternatives: provides information on ways children might receive money and on how to provide allowances.

Teaching & Learning

University of Minnesota Extension Teaching - Rural Life MN.

University of Minnesota Extension, Invest Now: Money in Retirement, online course. 

FSoS 5193/8193: Directed Study in Family Social Science

FSoS 8001- Conceptual Frameworks in the Family

FSoS 8794: Directed Research in Family Social Science

Honors & Awards

2014 Hubler Award for Excellence in Service to Family Businesses

2012 Fellow designation-IFERA (International Family Enterprise Research Academy).

2012 NEAFCS (National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences) Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award for Invest NOW: Money in Retirement: An Asynchronous Web-based Course (State affiliate and Central Region Winner).

2012 Epsilon Sigma Phi (Pi Chapter) Distinguished Team Award for Educational Response in Families’ Financial Situation After a Natural Disaster. 

2009 Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship John Jack Award for the paper “Determinants of Family Business Resilience after a Natural Disaster” for the overall best paper presented at USASBE (U.S. Association of Small Business and Enterprise) Annual Conference dealing with entrepreneurship by women or minorities or under conditions of adversity.

2008 Journal Article of the Year award from AFCPE (Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education) for the article: Danes, S.M. & Haberman, H.R. (2007). Teen financial knowledge, self-efficacy, and behavior: A gendered view. Financial Counseling and Planning, 18(1), 48-60.


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