College of Education and Human Development

Family Social Science

Cynthia Meyer

Pronouns: she, her, hers


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Ph.D., Family Social Science, University of Minnesota
M.A., Family Social Science, University of Minnesota
B.A., Psychology, Macalester College


Areas of Interest

Sexuality and Families
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Families
Couple and Family Therapy
Sex Therapy

Research & Discovery

I am passionate about teaching about (and continuing to learn about) all the ways in which sexuality, families and larger systems are interconnected. Whether it be gender, sexual orientation or sexuality, I am focused on the ways that family, culture and societal institutions impact these issues. I am passionate about continuing to challenge myself to learn about sexuality in all forms, to stay current with the academic literature regarding families and sexuality, and to help reduce shame in talking about issues that are sometimes seen as difficult to discuss. 

What Students Can Expect From Me

As a practicing Psychologist and Sex Therapist, in all of my classes students can expect opportunities to apply course information to real-life family situations. They can expect opportunities to learn about future career options and support as they move towards professional goals. I hope to serve as a role model and support to students who are interested in pursuing careers in social work, psychology, MFT, or sex therapy. I hope to create classroom experiences that are lively, personally relevant, and extremely interactive. 

Teaching & Learning

3429: Counseling Skills Practicum I

4101: Sexuality and Gender in Family Relationships

4104W: Family Psychology

4152: LGBT People in Families

Honors & Awards

College of Education and Human Development Distinguished Teaching Award 2007-2008