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Susan Walker

Pronouns: she, her, hers


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Ph.D., Child and Family Studies - University of Wisconsin, Madison
M.S., Nutrition - Pennsylvania State University, University Park
B.S., Foods and Nutrition - Drexel University, Philadelphia


Areas of Interest

Technology in family life/tech integration in non-formal teaching and adult learning
Parenting education and the preparation of parenting and family educators
Social context influences on parent learning
Family engagement in education

I am not accepting new advisees for fall 2022.

Research & Discovery

The primary focus of my research is on social context influences on parenting, that include the communities and networks that parents belong to, relational structures and climates in educational programs they may participate in, and wider public policies that affect family life. In the last 15 years, my research focuses on technology's role in parents' lives, particularly as it influences parent learnng and development. The Parenting 2.0 research project (w/ Jodi Dworkin) collected and analyzed baseline data on parents’ use of technology. That research both informs  my work in the professional development of parenting educators and in the design of effective parenting education programs, described below, and is featured in FSOS 3105, Families and Technology, a course I designed for undergraduate learners. 

The Parentopia Project involves the design of a web-based application ( that complements parent learning and engagement through Minnesota’s Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) program. With co-PI Loren Terveen in Computer Sciences, a 3-year NSF grant enabled research with parents and staff in the St Paul Public Schools to design technology as a hybrid for face to face interactions The platform designed is informed by my re-conceptualizations of parent learning that build on existing theoretical frameworks. Expanded use by school districts throughout 2020 and COVID-19 allows us to explore parentopia as a central platform for online delivery of ECFE. 

With a Grand Challenges team of researchers at the University of Minnesota in 2016-2019, in partnership with the People's Center in Minneapolis, we explored texting as an intervention on parenting health awareness of Somali mothers of young children. 

Parenting and family educators’ integration of technology in practice is related area of research. My years of instruction and directing online degree programs in the preparation of parenting education professionals promotes my focus on the technology needs of these educators. My research has identified the technology acceptance attitudes and more novel use of technologies to be influenced by personal and workplace conditions, including the quality of training and technical assistance. Recent analysis within a national sample of family educators reveals differences that suggest adaptation challenges during COVID-19. In support of parenting and early professionals during COVID-19, I started a virtual Community of Practice for weekly engagement. PERFECT* Connections enables professionals in Minnesota and elsewhere to meet, be inspired and gain support for their practice. 

My work on technology integration in education extends broadly to all areas of teacher preparation. During the 2016-2017 academic year, I co-directed the CEHD Technology Integration in Teacher Preparation, collecting baseline data and establishing a vision for developing teachers, faculty and our school partnerships in this area. I am also the Secretary/Treasurer for the Technology as a Catalyst for Teaching and Learning Special Interest Group (SIG) for the American Education Research Association (AREA). 

My vision for technology integration in Family Sciences (inclusive of parenting and family education) sees the need for a collaborative approach to research, educational practice, and professional development. 

Recent News

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Outreach & Engagement

University of Minnesota- University of Iceland Collaborative Online Instruction for Family Educator Preparation (2015-current)

Collaborative Research on Reflective Supervision in Parent Education, Center for Early Education and Development, University of Minnesota

UMN - ECFE Program Evaluation Collaboration  Click to view PDF of research poster: Walker, S. (April, 2014). Never doubt the power: Stakeholder impacts from a collaborative evaluation of a primary prevention community-based early childhood and parenting program. Society for Research in Child Development conference. Alexandria, VA.

Teaching & Learning

  • FSOS 3105 Families and Technology (active/course designer) 

        Previously taught: 

  • FSOS 4155 Parent-Child Relations
  • FSOS 5937 Parent-Child Interactions
  • FSOS 5946 Assessment and Evaluation in Parent Education

Honors & Awards

  • 2017 Outstanding Article in Education, Family and Consumer Science Research Journal, American Association of Family and Consumer Science
  • 2015 Outstanding Paper, Family and Consumer Science Research Journal, American Association of Family and Consumer Science
  • 2015 Outstanding Article in Education, Family and Consumer Science Research Journal, American Association of Family and Consumer Science
  • 2012 Faculty Adviser of the Year (Graduate and Professional Student Association), University of Minnesota

International Collaborations: 

  • 2012-2017 Guest Professor, University of Iceland, School of Education
  • 2020-current Consultant, United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs. planned keynote for the International Day of the Family: Families and Digital Well-being: Parenting Education
  • 2021 Panelist, International Foundation on Family Development 
  • 2021 (planned) Keynote Speaker, ICT and the Family, 6th CIFA Regional Symposium (Consortium of Institutes on Family in the Asian Region)
  • 2021 (planned) Panelist, Family-responsive policies in the Digital Era, ProjektPL, Warsaw, Poland

National Association Affiliations: 

  • National Council on Family Relations (former Chair, Families and Technology Focus Group; former Chair, Education & Enrichment section)
  • American Education Research Association (former Secretary/Treasurer Technology as an Agent for Change in Teaching and Learning)
  • International Society for Learning Sciences
  • International Society for Technology in Education 

Select Publications and Presentations

See CV for complete list


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