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Lindsey Weiler

Pronouns: she, her, hers


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Ph.D., Applied Developmental Science, Colorado State University
M.S., Human Development & Family Studies, Marriage & Family Therapy, Colorado State University
B.A., Psychology, Concordia University – Saint Paul

Areas of Interest

Children/Adolescent Mental Health
Adverse Childhood Experiences
Prevention Science
Community Psychology
Family Risk & Resilience
Family Therapy

I am accepting new advisees for fall 2021 in the Ph.D. and M.A./Ph.D. programs.

Research & Discovery

My research focuses on developing and testing interventions for children and families exposed to trauma and adversity. The goal of this research is to identify effective strategies for fostering positive child development and healthy family functioning. My research focuses on leveraging relationships and social capital to promote positive mental health and psychosocial outcomes. 

Learn more at the Weiler Lab site.

Recent News

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Teaching & Learning

FSoS 1201: Human Development in Families: Lifespan
FSoS 4109: Family Theories
FSoS 8001: Conceptual Frameworks in the Family
FSoS 8036: Couple and Family Therapy Research
FSoS 8295: Couple and Family Therapy Practicum
GCC  3018: What American Dream? Children of the Social Class Divide

Honors & Awards

2019 Community Engagement Scholarship Award, W. K. Kellogg Foundation
2018 Engagement Scholarship Consortium Excellence in Community Partner Community Engagement Award
2018 Rising Star, Women’s Philanthropic Leadership Circle
2018 Excellence in Community Partner Engagement Award, Engagement Scholarship Consortium
2014 Early Career Preventionists Network Travel Award, Society for Prevention Research
2014-2013 Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institute on Mental Health                               
2013 Outstanding Engagement Award, Colorado State University                                        
2012-2013 Predoctoral Fellow, National Institute on Drug Abuse                                    
2012 New Writer Fellow, Family Process Institute                                                                 
2012 Innovative Instruction in Service Learning Award, Colorado State University                                                                            
2012 Engaged Faculty for Service Learning, Colorado Campus Compact                             
2011 and 2009 AmeriCorps Education Award, UCAN


Recent Publications and Presentations

(see CV for complete list)


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