College of Education and Human Development

Family Social Science

Undergraduate Programs

Are you driven to:

  • improve the lives of families?
  • understand how culture, community, and government systems affect families and create innovative solutions to improve these systems?
  • investigate some of the most pressing challenges facing families and communities with cutting edge research?

An undergraduate degree in Family Social Science will prepare you to use research to discover and apply knowledge, build communication skills, and develop as a lifelong learner and effective leader.

Undergraduate Programs

If you have a passion for helping people, this multi-disciplinary undergraduate major will develop your counseling skills and prepare you to understand human relationships across the lifespan. Your coursework will include internships, directed research, or fieldwork.

Enhance your major with a minor that will give you a fundamental understanding of parents, children, and couples from multiple social science perspectives. You have a choice of four options, including coursework that will prepare you for a for a career in family financial counseling.

Faculty and Department Support

Our faculty are mentors, renowned researchers, and committed teachers who are focused on your success.

The Family Social Science Department is a collaborative and supportive community devoted to family research, theory, therapy, and education. We partner and consult with families, communities, and organizations to address psychological, cultural, social, and economic issues affecting families locally, nationally, and globally.

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