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Welcome to ADAPT

We know that deployment affects the whole family. Reintegration is a key transition point, providing a special opportunity to offer prevention services for military families. Research shows that positive parenting can buffer children from deployment stress and promote resiliency in families. ADAPT strives to support military families after reintegration by providing parenting resources. Learn more about our programs.




TSR Injury Law makes generous donation to ADAPT


Thank you to the team at TSR Injury Law for supporting Minnesota's military families with another generous $10,000 donation for 2019. Community support such as this helps support our efforts and we are so appreciative!



About the ADAPT Program

The ADAPT parenting program is an evidence-based parenting program modified to meet the unique needs of military families. The program was specifically tailored based on focus groups, interviews with key informants, and research about military families (Gewirtz & Youssef, 2016).

ADAPT takes military culture and context into account, recognizing the need for parents to get back on the same page after deployment, to develop effective communication strategies with children about deployment, and to acknowledge how combat stress might influence their parenting and family life (Gewirtz et al., 2014).



ADAPT Projects

Since its inception in 2010, ADAPT has partnered with 336 families in the Minnesota National Guard and Reserve Units to evaluate the program through a randomized control trial, the gold star standard for research. The program, offered originally as an in-person group, has shown to improve parents’ sense of control, or feelings of confidence in their parenting, and these improvements lead to better observed parenting, children’s strengthened adjustment, and less distress among and between parents. Read about results from the first ADAPT study.


ADAPT4U | Minnesota and Michigan

In response to the need to reach families who, due to geographical or other barriers, may not be able to participate in face-to-face ADAPT groups, we have developed two additional formats for the program: a self-directed online version, and a telehealth, facilitator-enhanced version of the program, in which parents are guided through the online program with a weekly video conference with a program facilitator.

The ADAPT4U study, funded by the Department of Defense, compares the effectiveness of the three different program formats of the ADAPT4U curriculum. We are recruiting 360 families from Michigan (180 families) and Minnesota (180 families) through December 2017.


››› ADAPT4U recruitment is now officially closed. Thank you to all the military families in MN and MI that have made this project possible. If you have interest in our work or questions about the next phase of our research, please contact Amy Majerle, ADAPT project manager, at or 612-624-8136.


ADAPT for Active Duty

Until now, ADAPT has only been available as a ‘one size fits all’ program. However, families’ needs differ – some parents need or want less intensive or online programs, whereas others may need more intensive or in-person programs; some parents may do better in a group program whereas others may need individual support. In addition, ADAPT was originally developed primarily for Reserve component families. In this study, we will modify ADAPT specifically for Special Operations families dealing with high OPTEMPO environments, as well as for ‘regular’ Army families.

ADAPT for Active Duty can be found on Fort Bragg, Fort Campbell, and Fort Myer.

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