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Welcome to the Alcohol Use on Campus Seminar for Parents

Who are today's students and parents? What's different? Why are things different? What are parents and students looking for?

When today's college parents think back to their own youth, they recognize that the world is very different than what they experienced as young adults. College life and career development has become more complex. Competition for entrance into top schools has increased significantly. The cost of college has soared. Job opportunities have decreased for those who do not have a college degree.

The college student of a generation ago started school with a typewriter or word processor, a checkbook, and a high-intensity reading lamp. Most freshmen started school this year with a credit card, debit card, cell phone, computer, and a host of technological peripherals - and they were supposed to know how to successfully manage all of these items. Twenty years ago, one of the biggest safety concerns for a first-year student was walking alone at night on campus; today's students have the added complications of online stalking and identity theft. In times past, a college graduate was qualified for an entry-level job because he had a degree; now students find they must have the degree plus one or more internships, community service, and proven leadership skills, just to qualify for that entry-level job.

This online course for parents is designed to provide you, as the parent of a college student, with the information and tools you need to support and empower your student to make a successful transition to college, take on increasing responsibilities, and gain the most from their years at the University.