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University of Minnesota’s Traumatic Stress Screen
for Children and Adolescents

The Ambit Network is committed to providing access to quality care for traumatized children, families, and communities. In response to the need for a brief trauma screening instrument Ambit developed a quick, simple, and reliable instrument to screen children for traumatic stress symptomology.

The University of Minnesota's Traumatic Stress Screen for Children and Adolescents (TSSCA) is designed to provide clinicians, case workers, educators, and other staff with a tool for screening children, ages 5 to 18 years, that have or may have experienced a traumatic event and are in need of services. The TSSCA features five simple questions to measure children's traumatic stress as well as extensive instructions and recommendations for using the instrument (second page of PDF file). The score result of the TSSCA will suggest one of three categories: normal, borderline, or assessment needed. The UCLA PTSD Index for DSM IV was used as a standard to inform the development of these categories.

Currently, the TSSCA is available in the public domain and free of use. Please feel free to contact us at or via phone at 612-624-7722 with any questions you might have.

Enter your e-mail address to download the tool. (We are collecting contact information to better understand how the tool is used and make future improvements. Your information will not be shared, but we may contact you about how we can improve the product.)

Tracking Spreadsheet for TSSCA

Ambit has also created an Excel spreadsheet for agencies or other organizations to use in order to track the results of the TSSCA and the follow-up that occurred. Each row in this document includes details about each child's demographics, the date the TSSCA was completed, the TSSCA score, and details of what happened after the screening tool was administered. The result of the TSSCA is automatically displayed when each score is entered.

Information about your experiences with the TSSCA and the tracking document are valuable for Ambit’s ability to meet the needs of all of our partners. If you are willing to share your organization’s tracking document over time with Ambit, please contact us at As part of this system, Ambit asks for the tracking documents quarterly and produces a summary of the clients and the results from all organizations that submit the tracking forms.
If you have questions or concerns about this document, Ambit is always open to your feedback.


DOWNLOAD Tracking Spreadsheet for TSSCA