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How to Get Your ECFE Program Involved

The ECFE evaluation is a collaborative effort between the individual ECFE program's evaluations, the University's analysis of the evaluations, and the MNAFEE's support of the program.


  • Fill out the Contact Us form to get started.
  • The ECFE program signs an agreement to participate in the evaluation.
  • Materials for data collection (a PDF of a survey to distribute to parents in the classes, questions for the parent educator to answer about the class, and questions for the coordinator to answer about the program) are sent to the ECFE Program.
  • Surveys are distributed and collected by the ECFE program.
  • Survey responses are entered by the ECFE program into the documents provided by the University.
  • The ECFE program submits the data/documents to the University, where it is analyzed and a report is prepared. When the report is about 90% complete, the University sends it to the ECFE program's coordinator to add tailored information about the program and to complete a thorough review.
  • In addition to the final 20 page technical report, the University provides programs with a PowerPoint presentation file where they can insert figures, charts, and results from their own evaluation to share with their stakeholders.

The University provides consultation to the ECFE program and answers questions throughout the process.


$3.00 is charged per survey collected. For reporting a true representation of the ECFE program, districts are encouraged to collect surveys from at least 70% of enrolled families.

Costs for the evaluation may be shared between district local programs and the following state organizations who provide scholarships to assist with the cost: Minnesota Association for Family and Early Education (MNAFEE), Minnesota Community Education Association (MCEA). Please visit the MNAFEE website for more information.