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Counseling for Individuals: "Hopeful Spouse" Counseling

Are you committed to doing whatever it takes to save your marriage, but your spouse says he or she wants a divorce? You are not alone. This is a very common scenario, and sometimes it is possible to work constructively on your marriage even when you spouse will not do Discernment Counseling with your at the present time

The goal of Hopeful Spouse Counseling is to help you bring your best self to your marital crisis in the hope that there will be a constructive outcome, hopefully restoring the marriage but if not, a more cooperative divorce. The Hopeful Spouse counselor will support your desire to save your marriage by helping you learn from this crisis about yourself and the marriage, and engage in healthy, constructive ways to prevent a divorce and restore your marriage to health if that is possible.

Hopeful Spouse Counseling, which is usually between 1 and 5 sessions, focuses on

Hopeful Spouse counseling is NOT suitable when