2022 award recipients

The Women’s Philanthropic Leadership Circle is delighted to announce the 2022 recipients:

Graduate awards

Bonnie Horgos

PhD student, School of Social Work

"I would like to thank the WPLC for this graduate student award. I am a first-year PhD student at the University of Minnesota's School of Social Work, where I research alcohol use, misuse, and disorders in women under the mentorship of Dr. Amy Krentzman, a past recipient of the WPLC. I am truly inspired by the mission of the WPLC, as I have dedicated my career to empowering women. Thanks to your generosity, I will be able to conduct a scoping review this summer to better understand how alcohol use impacts Hungarian-American women. This is a critical step in completing my dissertation, and I am truly grateful for your generosity."

Shreya Lakhan-Pal

PhD student, Institute of Child Development

"Thank you so much to the WPLC for honoring me with this generous award. I have always aimed to integrate a life of learning with a concentrated effort to empower others, and it means so much to be supported and recognized in that endeavor. I am currently working on my dissertation, examining the unique support provided by caregivers during children’s transition to adolescence. Specifically, I am researching the relationship between brain function, child-parent relationships, and mental health. Primary caregivers are disproportionately women. I hope to contribute to awareness about parental mental health and improved parenting resources. Outside of research, I have led outreach and diversity initiatives within my department. As part of my joint degree, I focus my clinical training on serving trauma-affected and culturally diverse children and their parents. The WPLC scholarship will support my continued training in this area, and I am deeply grateful."

Rising Star Faculty award

Dunja Antunovic

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

"The Women’s Philanthropic Leadership Circle (WPLC) Rising Star Award is a meaningful recognition of my work. The purpose of my research is to address discrimination against women in sports media and to create a more inclusive environment. I consider research as a way to tell stories about women’s sports, which entails challenging assumptions with empirical evidence and with new methodological approaches. I am also invested in mentoring women who are preparing for various careers in sport, physical activity, health, and education. This award will support my ongoing projects that identify global patterns in media coverage to inform recommendations for media practice. It is an honor to receive this award. I am grateful for the Women’s Philanthropic Leadership Circle’s generous contributions and ongoing commitment to empower women in CEHD. Thank you!"