JRM Graduate Fellowship in Community Development

Through a generous donation from JRM Foundation, CEHD will place two graduate students in professional internship experiences in Kathmandu, Nepal as part of the new JRM Fellows program.

Students selected for the JRM Fellows summer 2020 program will be engaged in an internship experience at the Mahendragram Higher Secondary School in Kathmandu, Nepal, for a period of six weeks. During the internship students will work with school teachers and education faculty from CEHD, in a series of workshops designed to help enhance teachers’ pedagogy skills, ways to utilize locally available resource materials in teaching, and reviewing and rewriting school curriculum in a high demand areas such as science, math, English Language to support teaching and learning. The major activities at the school will include: interactions with teachers, parents, and students in and out of school, classroom observations, potentially co-teaching in a content area of interest, professional development for teachers on pedagogy and curriculum, and leading a collaborative project in writing school curriculum in one content area. Students are encouraged to consider this experience as an opportunity to start or explore their research interests in the Global South issues in education and other broad issues such as social, cultural, health, environment, and gender that intersect with education.

Bhaskar Upadhyay in Kathmandu, Nepal
Bhaskar Upadhyay (center) with children in Kathmandu, Nepal.

2023 Program: Kathmandu, Nepal

Scene in Kathmandu, Nepal

Students will be working in a school that supports students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds from within Nepal; thus the applicant has to be comfortable working in such an environment and always respecting local social and cultural values. Students will need to be comfortable working in a community with limited Western amenities. Students with Nepali language skills or experiences working with Nepali communities such as the Bhutanese refugees from Nepal are strongly encouraged to apply. Given the capacity of the school only two graduate students will be selected this year.

Mahendragram Higher Secondary School is a public school that educates students from the local areas as well as a large population of children from families who work in the local brick factories. The mission of the school is not only educating the children but also to provide nutritional support to the children for healthy life. A greater mission of the school is to promote and support education of the children from the brick factories and girls. The school supports equity in educational access and technology enhanced learning for all.

2023 JRM Graduate Fellowship Application Information

Graduate students selected for this program will receive airfare and living expenses (including bed, breakfast, and dinner) for a six-week unpaid, non-credit internship in Nepal.

Program Dates (Tentative): May 20 – July 1, 2023

All CEHD graduate and professional students are eligible for this program. If positions go unfilled in CEHD, invitations will be extended to the broader University community.

To apply, applicants should submit a cover letter explaining how the internship best fits your past experiences and future goals (1-2 pages), CV, letter of recommendation from academic advisor, and two additional references. Essays should highlight the academic and professional background of the applicant in relation to the internship focus area.

JRM Fellows will be selected based on their capacity for:

  • Previous experience related to the professional requirements of the position
  • Fit the academic goals and current program and register for a 1-credit, schedule B course related to the ethic of international field work (day/time TBD)
  • Evidence of commitment to international engagement
  • Flexibility and initiative to work in new environments
  • Capacity to work in groups and be a team player
  • A commitment to reciprocal benefit of Fellow and community partners.

Fellows will be expected to attend pre-departure workshops and register for a 1-credit schedule B course related to the ethic of international field work (day/time TDB).

Submit cover letter, CV, and names and contact information of two references (all in one pdf document) to CEHD International Initiatives, cehdintl@umn.edu by February 28, 2023.

For more information contact the International Initiatives office: cehdintl@umn.edu