2019 - 2020 Visiting Scholars

Each of our departments has its own policies and procedures for working with international scholars. If you're interested in being a visiting scholar, please contact the department directly.

Alper Tunga Peker headshot

Alper Tunga Peker, is working with Dr. Thomas Stoffregen in the Affordance Perception-Action Laboratory. Dr. Peker studied coaching in the department of Physical Education at Selçuk University, in Konya, Turkey, and earned his PhD at Dumlupınar University located in Kütahya, Turkey in physical activity-related disciplines.

Dr. Peker studied the effects of “The Life Kinetik,” a neuroscience-based exercise program created to help individuals live and feel healthier. After working with Dr. Stoffregen, Dr. Peker’s research interests shifted towards motion sickness, affordance, and postural sway. The U of M’s research reputation brought Dr. Peker to the School of Kinesiology. “Coming here and working in APAL with Dr. Stoffregen is very exciting. I would like to specifically thank Dr. Stoffregen for giving me the chance to research with APAL.”

Kyota Takami headshot

Kyota Takami is a visiting scholar working with Dr. Zan Gao in the School of Kinesiology. He is a professor in the Faculty of Sports and Health Studies, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan. He has a PhD in Health and Sport Sciences from Chukyo University in Japan. His specialty is exercise physiology, and his research has shifted to epidemiology. He is studying the relationship between physical activity environment and physical fitness. His primary research interest is children, but he has recently been focusing on prison inmates.

Robert Paixao headshot

Roberto B. Paixao is a visiting scholar working with Dr. Michael Rodriguez in the Department of Educational Psychology. He is a tenured associate professor at the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil, where he is also a master tutor. He obtained his PhD degree in Management from the Federal University of Bahia in 2012. At the U of M he is currently working on a research project about evaluation uses trying to develop a new measurement scale. His research orientation is in program evaluation studies in education. His visiting scholarship is being sponsored by the Brazilian Federal Foundation for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES).

Angela Sorgente headshot

Angela Sorgente is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy (Department of Psychology). Angela does research in Quantitative Psychology. Her main research topic is emerging adults' financial wellbeing that she studies using new research methodologies or statistical techniques (scoping methodology, latent transition analysis, contemporary view of validity, multiple informant methodology, intensive longitudinal model).

During her time at the U of M, she worked with Professor Joyce Serido in Family Social Science to investigate the reciprocal causal relationship between financial identity and adult status, using the Latent Transition Analysis.

Jianing Liu headshot

Jianing Liu is a PhD candidate supported by Chinese Scholarship Council. As a visiting scholar, she will be working with Professor Zan Gao in the School of Kinesiology for the 2019-2020 academic year. She comes from Shanghai Sport University in China, where her research orientation is sport humanism sociology. At the U of M, she will be focusing on her dissertation of physical health education on drug dependence to exploring.

Yu Xu headshot

Yu Xu is a visiting scholar supported by Chinese Scholarship Council, and is working with Dr. Thomas Stoffregen in the School of Kinesiology. He comes from Chang’an University in Xi’an, China, where he is a PhD student. His main focus is transportation safety. While at the U of M, he will be focusing on the Affordance Perception-Action Laboratory in a tunnel with the method of virtual reality.