Graduate assistantships

Graduate assistantships provide tuition benefits based on factors including appointment percentage of employment (12.5% up to 50%) and job classification. With a 50% appointment, grad students receive full tuition support.

When you apply to a program in CEHD, you will have a chance to say whether or not you would like to be considered for an assistantship in your application. Your answer will not affect your chances of getting accepted. Once you have been admitted to a program, you may work with your department to apply for available assistantships. Assistantships are often offered as part of a funding package.

Additionally, there are many other assistantships offered throughout the University. Applying for open research and administrative assistantships outside your academic department or college can prepare you for interdisciplinary work and offer you a rich social experience. You might get exposed to other research methods or meet graduate students from departments you wouldn’t have connected with otherwise.

For more information on assistantship policy, please see the UMN’s Office of Human Resources.