CEHD Research and Pedagogy Short-term Visiting Scholars Program

Program Description

This program is designed as an effective and structured visiting scholars program that supports international scholars from Kazakhstan in building knowledge and capacity in research methods and innovative teaching approaches.

This is a custom program that includes, intensive schedule of academic seminars and workshops, on and off campus activities, and individualized time for research planning.

This program is offered within the framework of “500 scholars’ program” of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan. It is our understanding that you will receive financial support through the “500 scholars fellowship program” and your own personal funds.

Short term program dates

January 13, 2025 - May 30, 2025

Visiting scholars group on campus.
2022 visiting scholars cohort
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What I will miss when I return to my country is definitely the people we met in Minnesota. From the very first day we were surrounded by care and attention. Wherever I went, I received very helpful advice and a warm welcome. I have met extremely supportive and generous people at the university, student centers, rental office, parks, grocery stores, bus stations, churches and mosques.

Azhar Mankhanova

Areas of scientific research

The program supports scholars in these areas:

Social Sciences

  • Anthropology – Educational Anthropology
  • International relations
  • Research in the field of education
  • Psychology of education
  • Developmental psychology
  • Teaching scientific disciplines
  • Special education
  • Family sciences
  • Quantitative methods of social sciences
  • Social issues
  • Interdisciplinary social sciences


  • Linguistics
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Interdisciplinary humanities
Visiting scholars in classroom with faculty.

Program Structure

Designed as a cohort model with individualized experiences, each scholar will participate in organized seminars, workshops, field experiences, and projects and will work individually to develop an individualized research plan. Additionally, scholars will prepare and present their research plan.


  • Meetings guided by academic experts designed to support scholars in navigating US higher education, integrate theory to practice, networking,
  • Seminars focused on building research skills and innovative teaching approaches
  • Directed study: Individualized support on development and preparation of one research plan.
  • Off campus site visits to collaborating university partners to extend the learning environment and gain different perspectives.


  • Certificate of completion
  • Individualized research agenda; including research plan
  • Strategic plan to integrate program content in home institution

Eligibility requirements

  • Citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • At least 12 months of experience in the chosen field of specialization
  • Degree: PhD, Candidate of Science, Doctor of Science, Masters
  • Scientific publications
  • English language proficiency:
    • IELTS = 5.5 or above
    • TOEFL: Internet based = 53 or above
    • Duolingo English Test = 85 or above


To apply for the 2025 CEHD Visiting scholars short-term program, please complete the application form using this link.

If you have further questions, contact: cehdintl@umn.edu.

Additional information

Visiting scholars program FAQ

Can I request to start and complete the program on different dates than August 26, 2024-July 26, 2025? 

No. Our program is designed as a cohort model with individualized experiences. Thus, we are not able to adjust the program start and end dates.

I currently do not have a valid English language proficiency exam. Am I eligible to apply? 

You can complete the application form now. However, your application is only complete once you submit your English level proficiency test (IELTS, TOEFL, or Duolingo). In the application, you will be asked to provide the approximate dates you will take these tests. You will have to email the test results as soon as you have them to be considered for the program. 

Can you provide invitation letters in the areas of scientific research that are not listed on this website?

No, currently we can only support scholars in the areas listed on our website.