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What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the academic discipline and interdisciplinary field of study focused on the science and management of physical activity and human movement within contexts such as exercise, health care, and sport.


School of Kinesiology’s national ranking among kinesiology doctoral programs reviewed by NAK in 2023

471 | 156 | 155

Undergraduate majors, minors, and graduate students enrolled
(Fall 2021)


Number of classes offered in 2022-23

Kinesiology lab with students and skeletons Research

Part of the School of Kinesiology’s mission is to conduct innovative, interdisciplinary research in physical activity, human movement, and sport. Check out the work being done in the School’s research labs and centers.

person writing on whiteboard Academics

We offer three undergraduate majors, three undergraduate minors, six graduate programs, and two non-degree programs and certificates. Read more about the programs we offer and the faculty who instruct them.

person standing in center of students sitting in a semi-circle Outreach

The work done by our faculty and students promotes lifelong health and well-being in local, national, and global communities through public outreach and civic engagement activities. Read the latest news from the School.

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Group of students stretching
Group of students stretching

Youth Sports: today, and tomorrow

Over 60 million children in the United States are involved in youth sports, which can provide children with confidence, skill development, and friendships. Yet youth sports are often described as exclusive, expensive, or unsafe. Why is that, and what can we do about it?