Kinesiology M.S.: Behavioral aspects of physical activity

Kinesiology M.S.

Emphasis: Behavioral aspects of physical activity

Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity examines behavioral interventions for physical activity adoption and maintenance; the epidemiology of physical activity; psychosocial theories related to physical activity promotion; understanding sedentary behavior; and the objective and subjective assessment of physical activity. Faculty research has focused on psychosocial mediators of physical activity behavior change, physical activity and mental health, physical activity interventions for pregnant and postpartum women, kilocalorie expenditure among students in school, physical activity interventions for children and adolescents, environmental influences on physical activity and diet, and racial/ethnic and gender differences in physical activity behavior. Interdisciplinary research is conducted with other departments including medicine, nursing, public health, epidemiology, physiology, nutrition, psychology, family social science, and population studies.

Multidisciplinary research and outreach is conducted in the area of Physical Activity and Sport Science, which encompasses several lab and research groups.

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Nina Wang, MS

Graduate Program Coordinator & M.Ed. Adviser