Kinesiology M.S.: Biomechanics and neuromotor control

Kinesiology M.S.

Emphasis: Biomechanics and neuromotor control

Biomechanics and neuromotor control refers to the application of the laws of physics to the motion of biological systems. Neuromotor Control refers to the neural substrates and processes that are involved in controlling biological motion. In this emphasis area, the study of the mechanical and electromyographic analysis of human motion is combined with neurophysiological knowledge about the various neuronal subsystems that are active during movement planning and execution. This synthesis between biomechanics and neuroscience provides the basis for understanding of how the brain controls bodily and limb motion. Students will gain important knowledge for application in areas such as physical therapy, rehabilitation medicine, robotics, general psychology or neuroscience.

The program is housed in the Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory, directed by Professor Jürgen Konczak, and has strong connections to the University of Minnesota’s program in physical therapy and the graduate program in neuroscience.

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Nina Wang, MS

Graduate Program Coordinator & M.Ed. Adviser