Graduate students, Sport and Exercise Science M.Ed.

Sport and Exercise Science M.Ed.

The Sport and Exercise Science M.Ed. provides advanced study in the broad areas of physical activity, including exercise science, movement science, and human performance, to prepare students for careers in health-related professions.

Depending on their professional goals, students have the option of focusing studies on one of three career tracks: Sport Performance for those pursuing coaching careers; Athletic Training for those who have obtained their Athletic Training Certificate and who are pursuing careers in athletic training and/or teaching at the community college or college level; and Health Promotion for those pursuing careers as health coaches, personal trainers or employees in health related-fields.

Career opportunities

The Sport and Exercise Science M.Ed. prepares students to pursue the following careers, including but not limited to:


Sport Performance

  • Exercise physiologist

  • Group fitness instructor

  • Personal trainer

  • Sport analyst

  • Sports coach

  • Sport training facility manager

  • Strength and conditioning staff

  • Team conditioning coach

Sports Medicine

  • Athletic trainer

  • Clinical support staff

  • Health fitness specialist

  • Kinesiotherapist

  • Massage therapist

  • Sports therapist

Health Promotion

  • Fitness center manager

  • Fitness instructor

  • Health educator

  • Personal trainer

  • Sports development officer

   This program has allowed me to translate what I learned from my undergraduate degree, to real life application.

Mitch B., Sport and Exercise Science M.Ed. student

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Nina Wang, MS

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Christopher Lundstrom, PhD

Lecturer, Sport and Exercise Science
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