Health & Wellness Promotion Minor

Health & Wellness Promotion Minor

The health & wellness promotion minor allows students from different disciplines to explore areas within the world of physical activity, personal health and wellness promotion to support their primary undergraduate program. The purpose of this minor is to provide students with a stronger understanding of how physical activity, recreation, personal wellness and nutrition can be promoted in their professional career and integrate with their current academics. Students will utilize scientific findings to understand the effects of physical activity and recreation in terms of community, individual health, and overall wellness. They will focus on health and physical activity in the context of society and how to create and utilize programs that promote physical activity, leisure and wellness.

Career connections

The minor in health and wellness promotion supports careers in health coaching, community health, personal training, corporate wellness, and allied health careers.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, health and wellness jobs are predicted to increase by 21% by 2022.

Related major programs

This interdisciplinary health and wellness promotion minor is a campus-wide program, open to all undergraduate students, regardless of college or major. Students in the following majors may find this minor particularly relevant:

Program details

To apply, submit the application form. The deadline for Fall semester is April 1, for Spring semester November 1.

The University catalog informs about courses offerings and requirements.

There is increased attention on promoting health and wellness as a strategy to prevent chronic disease, and our hope is that this minor will help undergraduates gain a stronger understanding of how physical activity, recreation, wellness, and nutrition can be promoted in their professional career.

Beth Lewis, Ph.D., professor, behavioral aspects of physical activity

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Tracey Hammell

Undergraduate Academic Adviser


Health and Wellness are important aspects to every individual's quality of life, yet everyone has a unique approach to what that means to them. Our Health and Wellness Promotions minor allows for individuals to customize the program to meet their goals through intersecting ideas of personal wellness, spirituality, community, and nutrition. These courses provide a foundation that can help individuals meet their goals for themselves and their communities.

Tracey Hammell, academic adviser