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J Anna Norris Scholarship Fund [0496]

About this fund

A loan, gift or scholarship for promising students with financial need engaged in professional preparation in the School of Kinesiology.

Distributed last cycle: ~$4,000

Deadline: Applications are no longer being taken for the 2023-24 scholarship cycle

Background: Award named for J. Anna Norris, a female pioneer in teaching women's physical education at the University of Minnesota.

Application criteria: Applicants must be students accepted into, or enrolled in, a School of Kinesiology program which would likely lead to a career in college teaching or adult education in physical education and/or sport. Candidates will be evaluated based on academic aptitude, vocational promise, character, leadership, and financial need. The applicant should submit a personal statement/letter identifying the nature of financial need, with an attached copy of a current unofficial academic transcript.

Selection process: Eligibility for scholarships as herein provided shall be open to students in any class year, but preference shall be given to freshman entering the University of Minnesota directly from an accredited high school in the state of Minnesota.

Selection committee: Selection of recipients to be made by a special scholarship committee which will include at least the Director of the School of Kinesiology who shall serve as chair; two members of the teaching staff, to be appointed by the chair; and the Director of Bureau of Student Loans and Scholarships, who shall serve as executive secretary.

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