Emphasis: biomechanics

The Biomechanics and Neuromotor Control emphasis area provides advanced knowledge for understanding how the human nervous system controls movement and how the neurological disease affects motor function. Students will focus on the application of the laws of physics to the motion of biological systems.

In this emphasis area, the study of the mechanical and electromyographic analysis of human motion is combined with neurophysiological knowledge about the various neuronal subsystems that are active during movement planning and execution. This synthesis between biomechanics and neuroscience provides the basis for understanding how the brain controls bodily and limb motion.

Students will gain important knowledge for application in areas such as physical therapy, rehabilitation medicine, robotics, general psychology, or neuroscience.

The program has strong interdisciplinary connections to the University of Minnesota’s program in physical therapy and the graduate program in neuroscience.

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Because this disease is classified as a rare disease, most large medical companies don’t want to devote the time and money into the research required to develop a treatment. I am excited to move this technology forward. My goal is to make it real, to eventually bring the device to the market, and to help SD patients to get their voice back.

Arash Mahnan, Kinesiology PhD

Mahnan is a member of the Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory, and received the 2019-2020 MnDRIVE Commercialization Fellowship in Neuromodulation – Discoveries through Industry Partnerships to further his medical device research. Read more about this award-winning research.

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See the official University catalog by emphasis areas for the Kinesiology PhD program, and the Kinesiology MS program.

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