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The School of Kinesiology encourages students to consider a study abroad program during their undergraduate or graduate studies. The Learning Abroad Center has programs that are tailored to both Sport Management students and Kinesiology students, in both graduate and undergraduate levels.

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Clint Warren
Learning abroad is one of the most unique and impactful academic experiences a student can have while at the U of M. As a faculty member, I have previously led study abroad programs, and the transformation that occurs among students as they learn about the world and expand their understanding and perspective of their chosen topic is truly remarkable. When I was an undergraduate student, I had the opportunity to study abroad as well. Without question, that experience was a positive, perspective-altering one that stays with me today. Further, the camaraderie that is built when studying in a group can truly build long-lasting relationships. I highly recommend a learning abroad experience to every U of M student.

Clint Warren, PhD
School of Kinesiology

Students in London

Study abroad in London: The Impact of the Olympic Games

KIN 5328 students landed in London, UK, bright and early on Saturday, March 7 and started their London adventure. Highlights of the day included two tours, some good food, and time in the evening to explore the city on their own.

Students in China

Study abroad in China: Martial Arts and Medicine

"It was very eye-opening how the people of China approach health and wellness. It comes from a great sense of community and fellowship. I was also pleased that we were able to visit the major sites of China during our two weeks there. Seeing the Great Wall might be a once-in-a-lifetime event!”

- Karl Dischinger, Kinesiology BS, regarding his study abroad experience in Beijing with Dr. Zan Gao.